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The .art domain is out of the early access period and now in general availability for the art market, register yours today. An .art domain is a perfect fit for any artist, art institution or art professionals in the art world. Another short and memorable TLD with plenty of availability that will enhance your visitors browsing experience. Unlike the .com extension, you will likely find that you desired domain is available with this domain extension.

Whether you are looking to setup an eCommerce website to sell your art online or want a web address to act as a business card to a contemporary art gallery on the web to give your personal brand an online presence. A .art domain will show that you are a key player in the international arts community. With tailored registration services built into our registration process, you just need to pay the registration fee for registering a domain ending in .art.

.art Domains

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.art domains have no restrictions on registrations.

.art Domain Information

Registry: UK Creative Ideas Limited
Introduced: 2017
Intended use: Arts community
Restrictions: None
Whois privacy protection: Yes
IDN support: Yes
Supports DNSSEC: Yes
Renewal grace period: 40 days
Redemption grace period: 30 days
Name servers required: 1 - 13
Domain name length: 1 - 63 Characters
Auth code length: 8 - 32 Characters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can activate Privacy Protection during the registration of a new domain.
In accordance with ICANN registry operations, Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) have a 40 day "Grace period" in which a domain name can be renewed without incurring an additional fee. Its important to note however that your domain will no longer resolve on the day it expires. After the 40 day grace period, there is a 30 day "Redemption Period" in which you can renew your domain name for an additional $300 USD.
.art domain names are available to register for 1-10 years.
The .art domain is a generic domain extension that offers a modern and versatile web address for various online endeavors. Whether you're looking to buy a .art for your personal blog, online store, or a corporate website, this popular extension provides a unique and memorable identity in the digital realm. Its flexibility and generic nature make it a top choice for those wanting to stand out, especially given the crowded nature of traditional domain extensions. So, if you're aiming for a fresh, contemporary vibe for your web presence, the .art domain might be the perfect fit.

Should you seek to register a .ART domain from UK Creative Ideas Limited, you must agree to be bound by the following additional terms. In the event that a term in this section conflicts with the Registration Agreement, the terms of this section shall apply to any and all .ART domain registrations.

1. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the initial launch of the Registry TLD (including all of the applicable periods defined in the Launch Policy and further acknowledge that, to the extent permitted by Applicable Law, Registry has no liability of any kind for any loss or liability resulting from the proceedings and processes relating to any of the applicable registration periods defined in the Launch Policy, including:

(1) the ability or inability of a registrant to obtain a Registered Name during the periods defined therein, and;

(2) the results of any dispute over registrations that are an identical match to trademarks or service marks listed in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

2. You acknowledge and agree to comply with all ICANN standards, policies, procedures and practices, as may be adopted or amended from time to time, as well as all Registry Policies (

3. You consent to the use, copying, distribution, publication, modification and other processing of your’s or Registered Name Holder’s Personal Data by Registry and its designees and agents in a manner consistent with the Registry Privacy Policies (, ICANN policies, and with relevant mandatory local data protection and privacy laws.

4. You consent to submit to proceedings commenced under, and abide by all decisions made by panels in accordance with, ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedures (PDDRP) (, and the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS).

5. You agree to immediately correct and update the Registration Information for the domain name during the registration term.

6. You will implement reasonable and appropriate security measures commensurate with the offering of any services, as defined by applicable law, rules, policies and/or regulations if you collect and maintain sensitive health or financial data.

7. You have any necessary authorizations, charters, licenses and/or related credentials for any participation in the relevant markets.

8. You will comply with all ICANN requirements, including without limitation Consensus Policies, and all operational standards, policies, procedures and practices for the Registry TLD established from time to time consistent with ICANN requirements.

9. You will comply with all applicable laws, rules, policies and/or regulations, including those that relate to privacy, data collection, consumer protection (including in relation to misleading and deceptive content), fair lending, debt collection, organic farming, disclosure of data, and financial disclosures.

10. You acknowledge and agree that Registry reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer any registration or transaction, or place any domain name(s) on registry lock, hold or similar status, that it deems necessary, in its sole discretion:

(1) to comply with specifications adopted by any industry group generally recognized as authoritative with respect to the Internet (e.g., RFCs);

(2) to protect the rights and property of Registry and to avoid any potential or actual liability, civil or criminal, on the part of Registry as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, representatives, employees, or stockholders;

(3) to protect the integrity and stability of the Registry and the operation of the DNS; and

(4) to comply with all applicable laws, government rules or requirements, application fees, requests of law enforcement, or any dispute resolution process.

11. You consent to the collection and use of your personal data for the provision of services by Registry and consent to being contacted by Registry in accordance with Registry Policies (

12. You agree to comply with the Registry’s Acceptable Use Policy contained in the Registry Policies at