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Increase earnings with an integrated product suite

With our partner program you can refer leads to other products and services and earn affiliate commissions. Such as our email migration services, managed support services, cloud hosting, email marketing platform, and VPN services. As a complete web hosting affiliate program, all these products also generate a generous commission bonus of 10%. You can add your affiliate ID to any of our landing pages or make use of exisiting affiliate links and banners.

Perfect For Agencies

If you run an agency, or are a an IT consultant, or web developer, you may also desire the flexibility to manage your referred clients while the client maintains an independent billing relationship with Thexyz.

Complete Product Suite

Leverage our existing successful partnerships to maximize your earnings potential with industry leading, great web hosting related products. Once you're set up as a partner, you will also earn high commissions when you use tracking links on these products.

Grow Passive Income

True profit sharing by giving you recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer you referred, enabling you to build passive income.

Featured as a Top Affiliate Program on Affiliate.Watch

Earn money with 10% monthly recurring commissions


Partner with an established email solution that's recommended.


A churn rate under 5% tells a lot. Once customers come to Thexyz, they rarely leave.


Earn a 10% monthly recurring revenue stream on all sales.

Earn money with 10% monthly recurring commissions

True profit sharing by giving you recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer you referred, enabling you to build passive income.

Realtime Tracking

Monthly Payments

90-Day Cookie

Our tracking URLS ensure that every person that signs up through your link is tracked. You can login into the client area anytime to see how your campaigns are doing. You can see how much traffic your links have generated and how many sales have converted from your links.

Our affiliate program pays out cash via PayPal or eTransfer. There is a $50 minimum balance to request cash out and payments are made quarterly. Unfortunately we are not able to issue payments through any other means at this time.

We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide 90-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale.

Banner Artwork

Realtime Tracking

Scalable and Unified

You have full access to use our banner advertisements and logos in a variety of sizes to suit any website.

Once a new user has signed up, you can send an invite out to an existing account so you can manage it under one unified account.

Add multiple clients to a unified control panel where you can managed them all under one hub, all while not needing to worry about how to scale.

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Sign up to create an affiliate account and earn a commission on any sales you send our way with our in-house referral program. If you are looking for refer‎ a large user base, your or welcome to contact us beforehand to discuss or you may be better suited for our reseller program.

Affiliate partners can earn a monthly recurring fee of 10% per sale. If you refer 10 users, you will be paid $12.00 per year. Refer 100 users and get paid $120 every year!

You can track your balance within Thexyz Control Panel, under the referrals page you will see the tracking system and cashout via PayPal when you have a balance of at least $50.

Yes we have many banners, email templates, and other marketing resources that can be downloaded here. You can also find banners in the client area along with your unique affiliate link. If you need something custom, please reach out to affiliate support.

There are many options to further grow your earnings. Here are some tips: Email newsletters - You can your special links to your email marketing tool (Constant Contact etc) to reach your email list. We offer ready made email marketing campaigns and email marketing services to assist you.

Any order for one of our digital products will have a delay of 60 days. the commission is only paid if the product or service is still active at the end of the 60 day period.