Savor the Flavor of .FOOD Domains

In the vast ocean of global business, the culinary industry shines brightly, driven by our timeless love for food. The .FOOD domain welcomes an array of branches within this vibrant sector, including restaurants, food producers, bloggers, critics, chefs, nutritionists, grocery stores, and eateries. This delectable domain is perfect for anyone passionate about gastronomy.

Crafting the Perfect Culinary Brand Recipe

For businesses with "food" in their name, the .FOOD domain provides an ideal, character-saving web address. Whether you're a restaurant, food producer, or any food-related brand owner, this domain becomes an instant identifier. If you want to say more with less, the .FOOD domain is your secret ingredient for a memorable online presence.

Your Ideal Culinary Venture Starts Here

Finding the perfect domain name for your food-related business can be challenging, but sometimes the simplest solution is right in front of you. If food is at the heart of your brand, .FOOD is the clear choice. It leaves no doubt about your culinary focus and saves your clients valuable time by reducing extra searches.

Claim Your .FOOD Domain Today

Seize the opportunity to register your .FOOD domain and establish a strong online presence. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a food blogger, or a dedicated food-focused entrepreneur, .FOOD is the essential ingredient for creating a flavorful online brand.

.food Domains

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.food domains have no restrictions on registrations.

.food Domain Information

Registry: Uniregistry
Introduced: 2024
Intended use: Food Websites
Restrictions: None
Whois privacy protection: Yes
IDN support: Yes
Supports DNSSEC: Yes
Renewal grace period: 40 days
Redemption grace period: 30 days
Name servers required: 2 - 12
Domain name length: 1 - 63 Characters
Auth code length: 8 - 32 Characters

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can activate Privacy Protection during the registration of a new domain.
In accordance with ICANN registry operations, Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) have a 40 day "Grace period" in which a domain name can be renewed without incurring an additional fee. Its important to note however that your domain will no longer resolve on the day it expires. After the 40 day grace period, there is a 30 day "Redemption Period" in which you can renew your domain name for an additional $300 USD.
.food domain names are available to register for 1-10 years.