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Ad-free email with full mobile synchronization

Used by over 40,000 people in over 100 countries

Reliable email hosting for over 15 years

No data lock-in with easy import and export

Why Thexyz?

Privacy Built-In

Create an unlimited number of aliases or identitites, block tracking pixels by default & customize filters.

Your data is always private

Data Synchronization

Fast push email syncs contacts, calendar and files with our MobileSync Cloud Drive service.

Seamlessly sync your data across devices

Security Features

Further protect your organization with domain DNS hosting and website security services.

Liberate yourself from big tech and make the independent choice

Reclaim your privacy and enjoy an improved email experience

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Moving your mail over to Thexyz is easy

We build the best tools around for your email account and domain name management to make managing multiple email accounts and file sharing simple. Easily move your mail from an existing email provider and manage multiple platforms within the client area. Access your mail via our web based email program, on our mobile apps or send and receive through an email client like Microsoft Outlook. Browse our various email hosting plans with monthly or annual pricing plan to gain Webmail access.

email migrations

Get started by following these steps:

  • Set up and configure your email with one of our paid plans
  • Request an automatic email migration to import an previous mail
  • You should start to see email data appearing in Webmail
  • If using your own domain, the DNS records can now be updated
  • Incoming and outgoing mail will start routing through our servers
  • No downtime or lost messages with our hosted solutions

Sync Calendar, Contacts and Files with your devices

Move your calendars and contacts to keep your life organized.

email calendar

Get started by following these steps:

  • Sync your email calendar with mobile and desktop
  • Recieve email or text message reminders
  • Share certain calendars publically or keep them private
  • Allow certain team members to edit your calendar
  • Create unlimited email aliases and email forwards
  • Secure instant messaging with real time Webmail chat
  • Send email on your own custom domain name
  • 30GB of additional cloud file storage per user

Empowering you to go the extra mile with a proactive approach

With over 10,000,000 spam emails blocked each day, advanced security features and encrypted email services, you can rest assured your message contents and personal data is safe. Unlike a free email service that will scan your emails to provide you with a tailored ad-based email, our privacy focused email services are 100% ad-free and do not contain any tracking scripts allowing you to send anonymous email through your web browser, desktop client or third party email client, even on the basic plan of our private email hosting. Servers are located in the United States and Canada, our platform guarantees 100% network uptime with 24/7 customer support. You'll also never run our of space with our email archiving add-on which includes unlimited storage. Whether you are based in Switzerland, China or the Netherlands, you can access our encrypted email service wherever you are and send encrypted messages. Whether for business email hosting or personal emails, you can be sure that your user data is kept safe and secure as we have a strong track record of keeping data safe.

Secure Email Service

Full email encryption hides data during transmission, data cannot be intercepted and other third parties will not access your private data.

Audit Logs

Full audit logs for incoming email and logs from the outgoing mail server are available in the email admin CP as per our transparency report.

Password Protection

Meet compliance with our mail service and keep data safe by securing passwords and setting minimum strength allowance on the operating system.

Spam and Virus Protection

Secure email accounts with multiple layers of anti-spam filtering and daily updated virus definitions, block email or ip address with professional Spam Protection.

Two-Factor Authentication

OpenPGP PGP encryption (OpenPGP encryption) and OAUTH RSA 4096 and RSA 2048 ECC p384 and ECC p256 FIDO U2F (Universal second factor encryption key, public key, PGP key, and private key) HID device for private email login page.

Configured Firewall

Keep emails secure with a configured and managed firewall, concentrate on other tasks rather than managing any incoming and outgoing open source firewalls or VPN service.

Register your own domain to setup custom email addresses and aliases.

Get an email plan on your domain name or transfer your domain to Thexyz and enjoy the benefits of sending and receiving emails on your custom domain with no fluctuating renewal costs, free DNS hosting and strong security services that include two-factor authentication or sending secure email with encrypted messages. See all our domain registrations services or take a look at our Premium Domains. Registering your own domain is the best way to get the most out of our hosted email solutions as it unlocks the powerful email administrator features that add various features for business users to your 25GB mail storage. Along with free web hosting services for one of our Weebly sites.


Register a catchy name that accurately defines your business and differentiates you from the crowd with a one of over 200 domain extensions at Thexyz.

Privacy Protection

Protect your email privacy and personal information from showing in the whois with ID Protection on supported domain extensions. Any domain you have private registration on will protect your contact information.

DNS Hosting Included

Point to a website hosting instance with free DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure. Manage all your domains in one place from the domain list menu.

Premium Domains

Premium Domain Names are high value, popular names that have already been registered but are up for sale by the Domain owner.

Free email costs more than you may think

There have been various privacy scandals with free email providers and Webmail applications (popular email services like Gmail) over the past few years, prompting many to look for the best secure webmail service that respects user privacy. In the United States, Gmail was caught giving third parties full access to people private email data. Advertisers are allowed to scan Yahoo and AOL mail accounts to “identify and segment potential customers by picking up on contextual buying signals, social media, and past purchases from email messages. This has led people to look for an alternative email provider thats respects the peoples privacy through anonymous email services.

Free services Thexyz Webmail
Paid accounts with monthly fee for email
Full control over your email data
No ad targeting and tracking scripts
Putting you and your privacy first
Masks your sending IP address
Set up email on your own domain
Easy to move from service to service (Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 etc)
Create aliases for multiple email addresses
Protect your real email ID from email marketers
Industry leading support from email experts in web hosting

Over 40,000 small business owners, organizations and individuals choose our private email services to deliver the highest standards of privacy and reliability with our hosted email service and communication collaboration tools.

With a secure private mail address, you can ensure personal information is secure.

All our private email accounts include our leading spam protection and custom firewall. With every private email subscription, you can create an alias on any one of our domains and instantly use auto-aliases. Email archiving and cloud storage or optional upgrades with your email subscription that allow for unlimited email storage and the a 30GB Cloud Drive. Easily import (or export) email data from a Gmail account, Yahoo mail, Zoho mail, free email accounts or any services that offer IMAP with our cloud based email data import tool. All domains support DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records.

Take charge of your email inbox

Ad free Webmail apps that don't read your emails and allow users to send secure and private email without ad targeting. Sync data with any mobile device or download our standalone mobile app and login with your email address to send encrypted email via the mail app. Plus on the go access to access to your email, contacts, notes, tasks and calendar. With our professional email solutions, each plan will include email hosting on your own domain or one of ours. Thexyz Webmail is in constant development and we’re always adding new features!

Thexyz Webmail Android App

Thexyz Webmail Apple App

Email hosting additional features
  • 25GB email storage space
  • DKIM, DMARC and SPF protection
  • Restore deleted messages
  • Export or import contacts as .CSV file
  • Password reset via mobile phone number
  • Instant push email server
  • Send secure and encrypted email
  • Improved plain text editor
  • Attach files up to 50MB
  • Spam-free account
  • Unlimited aliases mask real email address
Spam and Virus Protection

Threats blocked by Gateway


Threats blocked by CloudMark


Threats blocked by Message Sniffer


Threats blocked by Thexyz BL


Threats blocked by Clam AV


Threats blocked by SpamHaus


Threats blocked by SpamXperts


Our business is email. Whatʼs yours?

We know that email reliability is paramount to any business. Most small businesses these days not only rely on email to send messages to intended recipients - there is also a need to archive the most important emails, schedule appointments, set calendar reminders, invite groups of people to meetings and keep track of tasks and notes. We are continually updating our host service, email app, mailbox storage, and product offerings to give our customers the very best in email and domain technology.