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Thexyz offers an enterprise-class email platform that syncs with Outlook®, your smartphone, our webmail and mobile apps. There’s a hassle-free, managed Email Migration to get your existing email moved over from another service. Thexyz compliant Email Archiving requires no additional software or expensive hardware. Through Microsoft Exchange we maintain the highest level of integration, collaboration, sharing and communication through our managed cloud hosting.

Mobile calendar sync
Desktop calendar sync
Mobile app support

Sync email, calendar, notes and contacts with any device or desktop



Sync your Email, Contacts and Calendars between your webmail account and your smartphone with Mobile Sync for Thexyz Webmail.


Thexyz Webmail is business class email platform built around privacy, as we do not serve ads inside webmail, there is no need to scan your emails. You data is your data and it is kept private with us.
Calendar App

Calendar App

Having your email sync your calendar with your multiple devices, and adding events to share with other is essential to staying on top of things. Thexyz MobileSync allows you to stay in sync.

Take control of email with enterprise features

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Using Exchange and IMAP with same domain at Thexyz has saved us a lot of money!


I can’t tell you how much you have helped me in the time that I have been with thexyz. Always there, when I needed information on anything. In fact, I don’t know of anyone in all of the services I have encountered was more helpful and polite.


Thexyz are the best I have ever dealt with in regards to resolving an IT issue. Keep up the great work.


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