No longer restricted to just Ireland, anyone can register .ie

Thanks to its very favorable business climate and flourishing digital market, Ireland ranks amongst the most thriving economies in Europe. Facilitated by its ever-growing youth population, Ireland has become home to a number of business startups, small businesses and international tech giants. Among the key sectors of the Irish economy are information technology, software and engineering. Apart from the remarkable business growth, Ireland boasts a progressive digital market with an impressive 93.8% of Internet-connected households.

The .ie country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is specifically designated for entities connected with Ireland, offering a strong local identity within the Republic of Ireland. With the recent relaxation of registration criteria, acquiring an Irish domain has become more accessible, allowing a wider range of individuals and entities to establish a connection with the vibrant internet users community in Ireland. This openness is particularly beneficial for those looking to emphasize their link to the Republic of Ireland, whether for cultural, personal, or business reasons. The .ie domain serves as a signal to both local and global internet users that a website is Irish, potentially enhancing its appeal to those interested in Ireland's culture or looking for local Irish services and products. Furthermore, leveraging an Irish domain could be strategic for search engine optimization (SEO), potentially boosting visibility among searches related to Ireland. For anyone seeking to claim their space online with a .ie extension, starting with a domain search is the first step towards connecting with the Republic of Ireland's dynamic internet audience.

.ie Domains

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.ie domains have no restrictions on registrations.

.ie Domain Information

Registry: Registry IEDR
Introduced: 1988
Intended use: Irish businesses or entities connected with Ireland
Restrictions: None
Whois privacy protection: Yes
IDN support: Yes
Supports DNSSEC: Yes
Renewal grace period: 0 days
Redemption grace period: 30 days
Name servers required: 1 - 13
Domain name length: 1 - 63 Characters
Auth code length: 8 - 32 Characters

Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Protection can be activated during the new domain registration process, effectively concealing your personal details from the public Whois database to ensure your privacy and security. For more information on activating Privacy Protection and the required supporting documentation, please visit our detailed guide.
For .ie domains, a 40-day Grace Period is available for renewal at no additional cost after the expiration date. Note that the domain won't resolve if it expires. Following this, a 30-day Redemption Period allows for renewal with a fee, ensuring a window to reclaim your domain.
.ie domain names can be registered for periods ranging from 1 to 10 years, offering flexibility to meet your needs. This registration period applies to new domains, renewals, and transfers, providing various options for managing your domain with accredited registrars.
Since March 2018, companies looking to register a domain with national governing bodies must comply with updated requirements. These include providing official registration details, adhering to the specific national domain's eligibility criteria, and ensuring the domain name is closely related to the company or its trademarks. This move aims to streamline the registration process and enhance the integrity of national domains.
Securing a .ie domain is an effective way to target the Irish market or connect with speakers of the Irish language. By registering a .ie domain with us, you not only establish a local presence but also gain the flexibility to use custom email hosting on your domain, elevating your professional image. Once your .ie domain is registered, you'll have access to the control panel, where you can easily manage DNS settings to align with your business needs. Start by registering your .ie domain today to begin building your tailored online presence.
To secure a .ie domain, both companies and individuals must provide documentation that establishes their connection to Ireland, which is essential for the domain registry's verification process. For registered businesses, this means submitting business registration documents that prove the company's legal establishment on the island of Ireland. Individuals are required to show identification that links them to Ireland, affirming their personal connection to the country. Those aiming to highlight the Irish language through their websites are encouraged to present documentation showcasing their commitment or ongoing initiatives in this area. The domain registry's requirement for such documentation ensures that .ie domains genuinely reflect Ireland's culture and heritage, reinforcing a credible and authentic online identity for entities operating within or related to Ireland. This approach aims to foster a digital space that accurately represents Ireland to both local and global audiences, enhancing trust and reliability in .ie websites.
In line with the updated regulations for .ie domain registration, the process for companies registration has been streamlined to enhance accessibility and efficiency. Now, companies aiming to secure a .ie domain need only to verify their identity and demonstrate a tangible connection to Ireland, simplifying the prior requirements. This adjustment makes it easier for companies, regardless of their size or industry, to establish a digital presence in Ireland by removing previously cumbersome barriers to registration. It reflects a commitment to fostering a more inclusive online Irish business environment.