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Once a domain is registered in our system, we are able to instantly push ownership to a new owner, all you need is an account with Thexyz. These registered domains are all registered in our system and available for sale. Simply make an offer for any domain name you are interested in. You can also these buy domains through Sedo if you wish to go through a third-party.

Domain TLD Price Registration Date Make Offer With Thexyz Buy Now On Sedo
oqgi.com com $10,500 11/10/2009 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
eupx.com com $25,000 31/01/2021 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
nvzs.com com $10,500 25/12/2013 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
kjvt.com com $10,500 12/12/2000 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
tifk.com com $10,500 08/22/2020 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
uxbe.com com $25,000 12/12/2000 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
rftu.com com $12,000 22/02/2001 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
rpjl.com com $7,500 25/12/2020 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
pzuy.com com $7,500 09/09/2007 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
xcgq.com com $4,500 01/02/2021 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
ymoz.com com $50,000 22/02/2001 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
driond.com com $10,000 25/10/2011 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
ebmie.com com $6,500 04/02/2015 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
awphosting.com com $7,500 22/07/2016 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
adiwebhosting.com com $7,500 22/07/2016 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
androidcourses.com com $4,500 20/08/2014 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
malanghost.net net $999 19/01/2015 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
ox82.com com $4000 23/06/2020 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
jrsart.com com $5000 14/04/2016 Make Offer Buy Domain Now
scenichome.com com $500 13/02/2002 Make OfferBuy Domain Now
thinkmint.com com SOLD 23/03/2003
thinkmint.net net $500 24/11/2002 Make OfferBuy Domain Now
lacbeetle.com com $8500 25/07/2014 Make OfferBuy Domain Now
ifreephoto.com com $5,000 12/11/2014 Make OfferBuy Domain Now
painterschatroom.com com $5,000 05/05/1999 Make OfferBuy Domain Now
computertalkforum.com com $5,000 27/06/2020 Make OfferBuy Domain Now
thankyourobot.com com $4,500 31/12/2015 Make OfferBuy Domain Now

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Domains listed at Thexyz are also available through Sedo and Who.is searches.


No sneaky transaction fees. We charge just 15% of the domain's price, when you sell.


A one time charge of $8 covers your domain listing and it is free for Thexyz customers.

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We work hard to give our customers the best experience for finding and buying a domain.

No. We need to make sure that if someone buys your domain name, they will receive it. To ensure this, you must redirect your domain to the appropriate name page on thexyz.com.

We allow customers to make an inquiry about a domain, which we forward to you. You can ask us to negotiate on your behalf, and choose to accept a lower price if your wish. We work hard to match buyers and sellers.

Yes. There are two reasons why we need you to do this: We verify the domains you want to list on Thexyz are domains you own through whois email address. If anyone visits your domain, they will be shown that domain on Thexyz. Your domain names are more likely to be sold that way.

You will need to update your name servers to the following:


Our commission is 15% and we accept credit cards on sales up to $1000. Any sales over $1000 are processsed with Bitcoin.

It is only free if your domain name is registered with Thexyz. There is an $8 fee for domains that are registered elsewhere.

We are now primarily focused on .com domains. In the past we accepted some other TLDs, but experience has taught us that nearly all our customers want dot-com domains.

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