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It’s now easy to attain full control over your custom domain email with the open-source Roundcube application. Set up multiple email boxes in a second, manage multipe domains in one central place. You can also choose your datacenter locations from, USA, UK, Finland, Bulgaria and Australia.

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Roundcube Hosting

An ideal email solution for organizations looking for a low-cost option with multiple mailboxes.

Hosted Roundcube
Monthly fee $9.95
Included Storage 20 GB
Additional 20GB $12.50
Included Mailboxes 10
500 Mailboxes $4.00
Daily Email Limit 1500
Hourly Email Limit 150
Email Aliases 10
Additional Domains $2.50

Roundcube Email Hosting

Our Roundcube offering is billed on a flat-rate with no per mailbox user fees which are common with other email hosting solutions.

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Questions about Roundcube web-based email

Get quick answers to common questions about using the open-source Roundcube email application.

Yes. You can set up email filters for any email account that you have with us via the Email Manager (Email > Filters) section of your Control Panel. To create a new email filter, click on the Create a new email filter button on the right.

App Suite works seamlessly with most native desktop and mobile email clients. There is also a companion app for OX Cloud Drive available on iOS and Android.

Yes! There is spam filtering service that can be enabled or disabled per mailbox.

You can create mailboxes at any of your hosted domains.

To create a mailbox go to Email > Mailboxes in your Control Panel. On the right you see a Create A New Email Account button. After you click on it, you see several text boxes that you need to be filled in.

Email address - Here you enter the name for your mailbox, which is the part of your email address before the @. Next you choose one of your hosted domains from the drop-down menu on the right. The domain would be the part of your email address after the @.

Password - Here you need to enter the password for your mailbox. You will be using this password to login to the webmail and also when you setup your email account in Outlook and other email clients. You can enter a password using the symbols a-z and 0-9. The password should be between 3 and 32 symbols long. You can use a random password by pressing "Generate password" button.

Forward email - If you select this option, you will be able to enter an email address where all messages received in your new mailbox will be forwarded to. There is also a "Save a copy" option. If you select it, a copy of every message that is forwarded will also be saved in this mailbox. You will be able to setup email forwarding later.

Use Autoresponder - Select Auto-Reply option if you want to enter an auto-reply message, which would be sent back to anyone who sends you an email. Usually this option is used to setup a message informing people that you are on vacation, for example, so it is unlikely that you need this right now. You can setup an auto-responder at any time. (see: How to set an auto-reply message to my e-mail account?)

When you are ready, you can click the Add a Mailbox button to create the mailbox. It will appear in the list of Mailboxes.

Roundcube supports the following languages: English, German, Dansk, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Latvian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slavic, Finnish, Swedish, 中文 简体 , 中文 繁體, 日本語 日本. It can also be white labeled and rebrandable with your company domain and logo.

Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server IMAP Port: 143, 993
Incoming Mail Server POP3 Port: 110, 995
Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server SMTP Port: 25, 2525, 465

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