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We work with hundreds of domain registrars to offer you a large choice of domain name extensions. This way you can sure to find the name you want. Register a new domain and start your domain name search by using the search bar above.

Domain Features

With every domain registered or transferred to Thexyz, you can take advantage of additional domain management features for no extra cost.

ID Privacy Protection

When you purchase a domain name it requires valid WHOIS contact information (address, phone numbers etc), which is also available to the public, we have an ID Protection tool which will hide your whois domain private information from a public whois lookup.

Domain Theft Protection

Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free Domain Theft Protection.

Two Factor Authentication

Your domain names are valuable assets and you should use two factor authentication to protect your account and domain names. Your login to the Client Area has support for enabling two-factor authentication.

DNS Hosting Included

Free lifetime DNS hosting service which allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and fully redundant DNS infrastructure with 16 IP addresses.

Free Email Forwarding

When you buy a domain at Thexyz, you can create FREE email forwards and automatically redirect your email to an existing email account. You can also forward your domain to any website or domain with domain forwarding included with each registration.

No fluctuating Domain Renewal Costs

Transfer or register your domain to Thexyz and enjoy the benefits of membership with no fluctuating renewal costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The requirements for a domain transfer vary depending on the domain extension. You can read more in detail about the process, including what steps are needed to be following in order to transfer your domain to Thexyz. Please note that any existing time you have left on your domain registration will be carried over when you transfer your domain to us.
Yes. As long as the domain name has been registered through thexyz.com and is using our name servers. The domain can then make use of our free DNS hosting service which is offered to all domains regardless of the extension.
Yes. You can browse our available Registry Premium Domains. Premium registry domains are often easy to remember but may sometimes have a higher renewal cost. This is listed on the sale price when you search for a domain.
According to Google the domain name extension has no affect on how a generic top level domain will rank. For this reason the extension of the domain does not make any difference to search engine rankings. The perfect domain does not need to be a .com domain. Picking a memorable web address will help your visitors remember your domain and there is more chance of finding a memorable domain with a new domain name extension.
>The following country code domains cctlds are available for your desired domain with our search tool:
  • in
  • co.in
  • co
  • us
  • asia
  • cn
  • net.in
  • org.in
  • gen.in
  • firm.in
  • ind.in
  • com.cn
  • net.cn
  • org.cn
  • cc
  • bz
  • tv
  • mn
  • eu.com
  • qc.com
  • gr.com
  • ae.org
  • de.com
  • hu.com
  • jpn.com
  • no.com
  • ru.com
  • sa.com
  • se.net
  • se.com
  • uk.net
  • co.uk
  • org.uk
  • me.uk
  • co.nz
  • ws
  • org.nz
  • net.nz
  • com.co
  • net.co
  • nom.co
  • cn.com
  • ca
  • de
  • com.au
  • net.au
  • ru
  • com.ru
  • net.ru
  • org.ru
  • sx
  • com.de
  • in.net
  • la
  • nz
  • br.com
  • gb.net
  • uk.com
  • uk
  • co.com