With Thexyz Webmail you have the choice of using your own domain or one of our domains. Using your own domain offers more features and benefits than using one of ours. I am going to list some of the reasons in this post to show you how using your own domain, whether it be a .com, .xyz, .email  is well worth it.

Full Admin Control

When you use your own domain our private email service you also get access to the admin area which enables additional features such as unlimited email aliases. You can also change your email address and edit your password yourself.

Upgrade to Cloud Drive

Users with their own domain name (.com, .lawyer, .pink, .art, etc) can make use of Thexyz Cloud Drive. An up-gradable add-on for our Premium Email offering.

Custom Webmail Site

When you use ‎your own domain, you also have the option to upgrade to use your own branded webmail site. This will let you use your own logo on login and webmail pages, you can also add notifications and messages to webmail. A great way to add notifications to all members of your domain. Using your own domain also adds the option to use webmail chat.

Secure Webmail Chat

Using your own domain with a custom webmail site adds a secure instant chat feature directly to Webmail. This way you can chat instantly with other members of your domain.

Take Your Email Account To Different Providers

Unlike when you use your email account with the domain of your ISP or with free email providers. You are not tied down to using one service with your own domain. This means that can migrate your email service from different email providers. Even within Thexyz, you can easily set up Office 365 email or Google Workspace accounts.