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Match the interface with your brand color

With a private label Website site you can offer users a login that matches your brand. Customize the default Webmail interface and offer your own alternative to email clients. You can also gain additional controls over user settings and communicate through a captivated portal within the secure email admin control panel.

highligted email

Highlighted Email

The color of an email when hovered can be customized as well as when an email is selected.

Custom Background

Custom Background

Match the main background color of Webmail with your brand along with the header color of notifications.

Custom Webmail Header

Header Links

Choose the color of the header links in Webmail and how the action of when they hovered.

Stay in sync with the latest software version

Upgrade from squirrelmail and roundcube and get a professional Web interface with some additional features for your email users.

Your own logo at the top of the webmail page and login page
Add links or HTML to login page footer.
Add links to company policy or announcements.
Instantly chat with members of your domain
Encrypted email login page with SSL
100% ad free email services
Includes mobile email access with user friendly web interface

Brand Webmail

Get your own private label Website to use with your organization

A custom login page and web-based email site can be used for any email accounts on our hosted email environment. It works just like our standard Webmail site, just enter the username and password via the login form and submit to use the branded Webmail site just as you would normally. With a white-labelled hosted email system with features that includes, calendar, address book, spam filtering, group lists and more. The service can be used to offer your customers an email address on a custom domain name or even one of their own domains.

Questions & Answers

Your users are accessing email in a Web browser to send and receive messages, why not customize and brand the Webmail application to get your message out there? Our web based Webmail client is the perfect solution to give users anywhere access to email. It is like having your own mail client to provide users with access to their mail account online. The Webmail app has a simple interface that any employee can use with ease without having to learn the features of Microsoft Outlook or other email clients.

With a custom Webmail site, your users will be accessing Webmail through a popular Webmail service that can be controlled and customized to suit the needs of your organization. The Webmail address or URL can be anything you wish, there is just a DNS change to make to point the domain or sub-domain to the Webmail cname. You can use you own domain name or or a sub-domain on one of our domains. If you wish to use your own custom domain name, you will need to make a change to the DNS of the domain to add the required CNAME to use a custom Webmail site. The DNS for most existing sites is an A record that points to a specific IP address. You need to change the A record type to CNAME and change the IP address to the hostname provided. For example, if your Webmail site is going to be, change the hostname to mail or

Once ordered the email application site is set up and ready to use within 4 hours. The DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours until the site resolves on your domain email.

It is possible to have us make changes to the Webmail site once it has been setup. There is a $66 for any requested changes once this has been setup. It is worth while making sure your specified colors and logo is correct before placing your order. You can fully white label email with your brand and your own custom URL.

Any of our email service offerings can be integrated with a custom site. Webmail is full suite of features for email access and advanced productivity tools. You can choose to disable or enable the Dropbox integration app, file attachments, allow for SMS password resets and speficy a custom logout page. There is also an option to add an email tagline that it added to every sent message through Webmail or a legal disclaimer that is added to the footer of every sent email on the domain. You can also manage email storage for your users. Set the limits on mailbox storage space or add unlimited storage with email archiving.

Yes you can add your own HTML code to the Webmail footer and Webmail login page.

Yes you can make adjustments. This is done on request and there is an hourly fee of $66 USD per hour for custom development. Most requests are completed within one hour. It is important to have all you customized content ready and will not need to make any edits. It is making multiple changes like this that can lead to any adjustments taking.

No. Custom Webmail sites are hosted in our environment and rely on our mail service to send messages. There is no cloud storage service required.

No. It is currently not possible to customize our mobile app or mobile webmail site.

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