Conducting business through email?

Grappling with data storage, retention and costs?

Worried about data security?

Preserve and protect the critical business information in your email messages and file attachments!

With an advanced cloud-based email archiving solution, you get added data protection, search capabilities and flexibility that help your business cost-effectively meet data demands and reduce risk. The archive scales as your business and your data grow, but the cost doesn’t: you get unlimited storage and retention for an affordable, fixed cost.

Protect your intellectual property

Securely preserve every inbound and outbound email and file attachment. At a time when so much business is done through electronic communications, securing and retaining those conversations, contracts and other valuable data can make all the difference.

Caution: Some archives fall short when it comes to data preservation by allowing data to be edited.

Look for an email archiving solution that protects data with the integrity and security of industry-leading safeguards and protocols, including immutable WORM-compliant storage.

Quickly find and retrieve data

Search millions of records in seconds and find exactly what you need with fast and accurate search tools. What good is preserving business data if you can’t find it without a hassle?

Caution: Some archives only provide a couple search options or force you to learn their unique syntaxes.

Look for an email archiving solution that performs wildcard, Boolean, proximity, fuzzy logic and custom query searches.

Get added flexibility

Quickly and easily filter, tag and export relevant content to support compliance, legal and governance requirements.

Caution: Some archives allow data to be exported only as a PST or proprietary file type; data must often be converted to another format.

Look for an email archiving solution that enables flexible data export as PST, EML, NSF, PDF, HTML and TXT files. Stop wasting time and money on data retrieval, export and conversion!