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Sync your Contacts between your smartphone and Webmail or Outlook.


Sync your Email Calendar with your phone and Webmail.


Instantly chat inside webmail with our secure IM chat client.

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Our easy to use Webmail app is 100% Advertisement Free.

Multiple Identities

Send and receive from multiple identities to mask your real email address.

Cloud Drive

30GB of storage to backup, share or collaborate in the Cloud.

Choose price per period
Premium Webmail
  • Encryption for IMAP & POP
  • Sync email to webmail, desktop & all smartphones
  • 25GB of storage & 50MB attachments
MobileSync + Drive
  • Adds MobileSync & 30GB of Cloud storage
  • Sync contacts & calendars to webmail, desktop & all smartphones
  • Full admin access to create additional Identities & Aliases
Microsoft Exchange
  • Includes OWA & Outlook 2013/2016 license
  • Public folders & 100GB of storage
  • Corporate exchange security, compliance & 100% uptime


Thexyz Webmail MobileSync Microsoft Exchange
Secure SSL encryption
Sync mail with iPhone® and iOS app access
Sync mail with Android® phones and app access
Sync mail with BlackBerry® and WindowsPhone®
Available in 14 languages
Customize auto reply and forwarding settings
Email on your own domain (you@domain.com) or @thexyz
Domain & mailbox-level spam and virus filters
Dropbox integration app
Create multiple calendars & share with other team members
Allow specific people permissions to edit your calendar
50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
Restore deleted email for last 14 days
IMAP email sync keeps email the same across platforms
Sync your calendar with mobile devices and desktop
Sync contacts with mobile devices and desktop
Create additional Identities and Aliases
Secure IM chat with other team members
Includes OWA & full Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016 license
Skype for Business video conferencing
Number of accounts per subscription 1 1 1
Price per Month $1.95 $4.95 $14.95
Price per Year $19.95 $49.95 $149.95
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100% uptime and managed protection

Thexyz offers a reliable enterprise-class email platform that syncs with Outlook®, your smartphone, our webmail and mobile apps. It is also backed with 100% uptime guarantee. There’s a hassle-free, managed Email Migration to get your existing email moved over from another service. Our compliant Email Archiving requires no additional software or expensive hardware. Through Microsoft Exchange we maintain the highest level of integration, collaboration, sharing and communication through our managed cloud hosting.


Make Thexyz your default storage for contacts and allow our MobileSync service to synchronize these contacts on any mobile you add your email to. Never lose your phone contacts again.

Shared Calendar

Utilize the Webmail calendar app to share your calendar via a private or public link. You can also allow certain team members within your domain access to add or edit appointments in your calendar. This is helpful for companies that manage bookings. With our MobileSync service, you can sync these calendars with mobile devices and desktop.

Cloud Drive

You also have the option to upgrade your domain to include a 30GB Cloud Drive and MobileSync. This will help keep your team synchronized with two way syncing of email, contacts, calendar and files.


Full email encryption hides data during transmission cannot be intercepted and other third parties will not access your sensitive email.

Spam Protection

Stop spam from taking up space and time with four spam and virus filtering scans.


Email data is automatically backed up nightly via our top tier data centers. There is also an upgrade to add additional retention with FISMA compliant Email Archiving.


Minimize the amount of mailboxes you need by using aliases. Generic email handles such as info@, sales@, webmater@ etc can be delivered to existing users. You can also send these to up to 4 external email addresses.

Group Lists

By setting up group lists, you will make emailing a group of people much easier. You can also control who can send and reply to the list.

SMS and Email Reminders

For each event added to your calendar, there are various reminders you can set. From default calendar notifications to email reminders, you can also opt to receive an SMS text message.

Company Directory

Enable to allow access to employee contact information within your domain.


Keep spam on your domain to minimum and limit phishing attempts. We have guides for setting up these DNS records here.

Notes and Tasks

Simple notes and tasks apps built into Webmail and mobile apps.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to execute commands in webmail with a certain keyboard key.

HTML/Text Composer

An advanced text editior with all the features you would expect. Toggle from text to html.

Auto Setup Tool

Easily setup email with minimal configuration setup.


Take your email to the next level with Push Email and contact/calendar synchronization.

Auto Responders

Add an auto-reply message when your are on vacation or set a certain reply message during certain hours.

Webmail Chat

Instant message other team members within your domain with Webmail Chat.

Thexyz is a business class email service built with the reliability of an exchange server and backed with advanced email archiving and spam protection. You can use your own domain or one of our domains. Thexyz Webmail is available in 12 languages and fully supported on all browsers, computers and mobile devices.

Backup and sync your contacts, calendar and mail

Built on Microsoft ActiveSync technology, our MobileSync service syncs your Email, Contacts and Calendars between Webmail/Outlook and your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device. So, add a Contact on your mobile device and it appears in Webmail. Edit a Calendar event in Webmail and the change appears on your phone.

FISMA Compliant Email Archiving

Email data is automatically backed up nightly via our top tier data centers. There is also an upgrade to add additional retention with FISMA compliant Email Archiving.

Security and Encryption

As an early adopter of Two-Factor Authentication, security has always been of paramount importance at Thexyz. Webmail supports all encrypted ports for sending and receiving mail. Passwords can only be reset through authenticated SMS text message code.

Manage your own Blacklist and Safelist

Thexyz gives you the flexibility to set your own spam preferences. This includes editing and managing domain-wide spam settings, safelists, and blacklists, and the ability to override the spam filtering for the entire domain.

Dropbox Integration App

With Thexyz Dropbox app, after a quick “account sync,” all of your Dropbox files are just a click away. And since your recipient is downloading the file from Dropbox, you can send attachments of virtually any size.

Spam Protection
4 Layers of Spam Filtering

Each inbound email passes 4 scans.

Webmail in your language

The webmail app is available in 14 local languages.

Protected Mailboxes

Over 30,000 businesses and individuals choose Thexyz to deliver the highest standards of security, privacy and reliability for email, apps, contacts and calendars.

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