The recent announcement of Skiff’s closure has sparked a significant shift among those prioritizing privacy, urging the search for a secure and reliable email service replacement. Amidst growing concerns about the sustainability of privacy-focused services, the importance of trust in choosing a provider cannot be overstated. A thorough examination of a company’s history and performance can reveal much about its reliability.

Since its establishment in 2007, Thexyz has consistently led in advancing privacy technology, garnering the trust of countless privacy-aware users. Our commitment to security and privacy is unwavering, supported by a dedicated team of experts. Our transparency regarding policies and services ensures users are fully informed on how their data is safeguarded.

Thexyz champions the belief that privacy is an inherent right, advocating for the protection and confidentiality of email communications. Operating independently from commercial third parties and governments, Thexyz is headquartered in Canada, a location known for its strong privacy laws. Despite being based outside the European Union, Thexyz is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the pinnacle of privacy protection. This adherence to GDPR standards ensures the utmost security for your emails and data, reflecting our global commitment to user privacy.

Celebrating its 16th year, Thexyz’s longevity underscores our dedication to privacy and security. While our services might not encompass an extensive range of productivity tools, our focus remains on our core mission: to secure your email communications through a user-friendly platform.

Highlighting Thexyz’s Features

Thexyz prioritizes your security and privacy, offering distinctive features such as:

  • Unlimited personal and burner email aliases to protect your identity.
  • A commitment to no ads and no tracking for a private email experience.
  • Secure encryption and password-protected messages for enhanced confidentiality.
  • Full IMAP support for flexible email management.
  • A generous 25 GB of storage space.
  • Streamlined email and contact migration for easy transition.
  • Accessible personal support for any inquiries.
  • Recognition as a trusted secure email provider since 2007.

Transitioning to Thexyz

Switching to a new provider may seem overwhelming, but Thexyz simplifies this process. As a longstanding provider of secure email services, Thexyz stands as a credible alternative to Skiff. Detailed migration instructions from Skiff to Thexyz are available here, and our customer service team is always on hand to assist with any queries during the transition.

Skiff’s shutdown has underscored the critical nature of dependability and longevity in privacy-centric services. Thexyz’s unwavering commitment to privacy, fortified by over a decade of trust and innovation, positions us as a leader in the field. We invite those seeking a reliable Skiff alternative to experience our services firsthand.

For former Skiff users, we are offering a special promotion: enjoy 20% off your first year’s subscription with Thexyz. Prioritize your privacy with us, where your emails are assuredly secure and confidential at all times.