How to create an email alias

Aliases are a great way to create an alternate name for an existing mailbox and mask your real email address. For example, David likes to go by Dave and would like to receive emails to both, for business partners, and, for friends and family, without checking two different accounts. When you create an alias, you are creating an email address that points to an actual email mailbox or mailboxes. Aliases are great for creating a quick temporary email address to receive email on. They are essentially email addresses that automatically forward mail to an existing mailbox. With our email services at Thexyz, you can create unlimited email aliases.

This article shows how to create an alias that will forward to another mailbox or to multiple mailboxes on a domain. Email aliases can be created for free and may be used to avoid paying for any additional email addresses. You cannot send mail through an alias. If you need sending capabilities, simply delete the alias and create a mailbox instead. 

Add a single email alias

You will first need to log in to the email admin Control Panel:

  • On the Control Panel Main page, locate Email Hosting | Email Accounts. Click the Manage Aliases link.
  • Click the Add Alias button to create an alias email address.
  • Enter a unique alias name in the Create New Alias box.
  • Select the address(es) you want to associate with the alias, and then click the Add button.
  • You can send email from this alias to up to 50 total email addresses, four of which can be outside of your domain.
  • Click the Save button.

Create new alias

Add multiple email aliases

  • In the Thexyz Email Administrators Control Panel, click Aliases.
  • On the Aliases page, click Add Multiple Aliases.
  • Create a CSV or Excel file that contains the information detailed in the Data Format section of the Import Aliases page. You can download a template here.
  • In the Import File section, click Choose file, locate and select the CSV or Excel file that you created, and click Open.
  • On the Import Aliases page, click Import. Any errors that occur are detailed in the import summary, which is displayed after the import is complete.
    You can download a spreadsheet example template here.

Adding aliases to a non-custom domain

It is also possible to add an email alias if you don't have a custom domain name for email. People that use one of our domains as their primary email address for personal emails can also make use of auto-aliases. If you wish to add a new email alias, you can do so by filling out this form and click create the alias. Any additional email aliases can also use auto-aliases. 

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