Any email user dis-likes opening up their inboxes only to be flooded with an abundance of spam emails. Not only are spam emails time-consuming to go through, filter, and delete, but they can also be potentially harmful to your computer and security.

A SecureList study shows that 76.6% of all email traffic in 2012 was generated by spammers. As if that wasn’t enough, 3.3% of all emails sent included some form of malicious attachment. Reducing the everyday annoyance of spam is becoming more complex by the day due to spammers getting more creative in their delivery methods.

With the increase in spam traffic and the increase in demand for a solution for the increased spam being received, the need is always there for increased spam protection.

Thexyz is an industry leader in spam protection and virus filtering. We have incorporated a Spam Firewall server into our network for premium email and which enables a powerful defense against spammers and malicious emails. It provides comprehensive protection for your email addresses, blocking spam emails, viruses, spoofing and phishing attempts, spyware, and much more. This makes your inbox, computer, and personal information much more safe and secure.

How It Works

Thexyz server sits between messages sent to you from the internet and your inbox. It processes every email that is sent to you and scans each of them for spam and viruses. After the emails are checked and approved they are allowed through to your inbox. There are 10 tests that an email must pass to be received, ensuring that no spam or malicious content gets through. Some of these tests include keyword checking, real-time blacklists, message authenticity checking, and more. Thexyz maintains a list of known spammers, keywords, IP addresses, and common emails that are sent regularly. The list is always evolving to maintain the highest level of filtering possible.

Thexyz Spam Firewall is included with all premium email accounts and is a necessity for any business website that relies on email as a secure form of communication, or for any individual who no longer wants to deal with the annoyance of spam emails