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Thexyz Story

Thexyz was founded in 2007 and encompasses a portfolio of communication and collaboration services.

What started as a mail server to provide business with a reliable email solution, has grown into a leading professional email service with advanced virus protection. Over the past decade many personal email users have also signed up for an email address on our ad-free and private email service. Thexyz Webmail is our flagship product, offering private email hosting, advancded spam protection, calendar and contact service to individuals and organisations of all sizes. In 2015, we made a few aquistions to expand our offerings

Our staff includes technical leaders on open source projects from around the world.

Today we are an employee-owned, independent company. Our headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada with servers at SteadFast and LiquidWeb in the USA, Pulsant datacenter in Maidenhead, United Kingdom and Amaze datacenter in Sydney. Each day we block millions of threats and viruses through our firewalls, blacklists and advanced spam filtering.


The Birth

Thexyz was born in 2007 as a domain registration of thexyz.org and set out to create an email service that has your back. 2 years later thexyz.com was aquired.


Web Hosting Control Panel Developed

To enable a growing number of web hosting clients to efficiently manage websites, email and domains, Thexyz launches a web based control panel built on apache servers.


Application Installer Tool Added To Control Panel

The app installer tool allows anyone to install a popular website script with the click of a few buttons. WordPress is the most popular script installed with over 10,000 install through our app alone.


Premium Email service added

To support the growing number of email users on Thexyz Hosting, a premium ad-free email application is added to compliment the growing suite of apps.


New Data Center in Australia

After several weeks of negotiations and server setup procedures, we are finally ready to announce it – we have made a deal with a new data center facility, which is one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and which is located in Sydney, Australia! The SIS Group data centre environment is tightly controlled to ensure hardware performs at its optimum level. The Australian Department of Defense has chosen it to house several of its servers! As of now, this data center is available to shared web hosting customers only.


Main US Servers Moved To SteadFast

Steadfast in Chicago, Illinois is now our main data center where we house all new hosting plans, our old California data center was running out of rack space and it simply could not house more servers. Although we had an offer from Peer 1 to move to another one of their data center facilities, also located in California, after a lengthy meeting it was decided that our new data center should be located somewhere where there is a lower natural disaster risk.


Thexyz aquires software company ScriptDorks

To complement the growing web hosting business, Thexyz aquires the UK software company ScriptDorks which has proprietary software and an existing user base of clients.


ActiveSync is enabled as MobileSync for email accounts

Built on Microsoft ActiveSync technology, the MobileSync service syncs your Email, Contacts and Calendars between the email server and your smartphone, just like a hosted exchange account.


Partnered with Sonian to offer Email Arciving

Email archiving is now available for our hosted email service.


Finnish data center option enabled

The facility is located 200 km north of Finland’s capital city, Helsinki, in an underground tunnel network, which was originally intended for the Finnish Defence Forces.


Aquired additional email users from EpicTech

In late 2015 we welcomed many new users from EpicTech to Thexyz.


Two-factor authentication added

Also in late 2015 we added support for both software and hardware two-factor authentication on the client and email admin portals.


Aquired large mobile supplier YMOZ

Aquired and re-launched the mobile lifestyle eCommerce store.


Cloud Drive added to Webmail

During the summer of 2017, Cloud Drive was added to Webmail.


Thexyz turns 10

In October 2017 Thexyz turned 10.


2018 Winner of Great User Experience Award

Thexyz Webmail was distinguished by FinancesOnline for the award of Great User Experience.


Office 365 added

Office 365 plans are now offered through Thexyz client area.


Changes to outbound mail sending policy

Changes are made the outbound mail sending policy to help combat outbound spam and email abuse.

Our Brands

At Thexyz, we also own several other brands.

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