How is your business dealing with moving away from on-premises solutions?

What are you doing to make the migration to the cloud as smooth as possible?

How are you overcoming the numerous complexities?

Don’t be left behind as email and other IT services migrate to the cloud: Start with email archiving, a common best practice for moving to the cloud with confidence and ease!

With an advanced cloud-based email archiving solution as your first step, you securely preserve and protect your emails and attachments, making them searchable and accessible in the cloud – preventing any data loss scenarios before they happen.

• Protect intellectual property and critical business data
• Search and retrieve exactly what you need in seconds
• Support compliance audits and discovery requests
• Reduce risk and increase data security
• Take advantage of cloud economics to cut storage and retention costs

Once the email migration is done, your future cloud options for email and other applications are virtually unlimited!

Data migration doesn’t have to be hard!
When you work with a trusted partner who’s helped hundreds of companies make the move to the cloud, your journey becomes much easier, especially when you know what to expect. Tools like MigrationWiz from BitTitan give you the ability to quickly, securely and cost-affordably move from legacy on-premises email to a cloud solution – including our advanced email archive.

Thexyz provides on-demand data migration services through a fully automated, cloud-based solution that can be accessed at any time from anywhere to conduct seamless data migration on demand.

With a streamlined two-step process, you migrate to the cloud easily, affordably and quickly, eliminating numerous complexities that have made it hard, expensive and time consuming in the not-so-distant past.

First, you extract, prepare, move and validate your data with our email migration tool. Then, you archive, index and audit it in our advanced cloud-based email archive. As you can see, moving to the cloud just got easier than ever!

Take the hassle out of your email migration… Eliminate uncertainty. Automate extraction, migration and validation. Build a bridge to the cloud that gets you there cost-effectively and in a matter of days instead of months.

Want more information on how your move to the cloud can be streamlined? Have questions about the complexities of migrating? You don’t need to go it alone. We’re here to help! Let’s talk!