Email security just got more effective and affordable! It’s great news for IT professionals tasked with solving that budgeted business problem and dealing with risk mitigation, data loss prevention, compliance, anti-spam, filtering and quarantining. That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of our newest product, Email Archiving Analytics, an enterprise-class email analytics and reporting tool that helps you get more from your current investment in email security solutions without adding complexity or high costs.

Email Archiving Analytics allows businesses to secure, de-risk and better understand their most used communications medium by bridging the gap between reactive and preventative services. You’re likely already buying a security and compliance package that includes an email archive and maybe even quarantining and filtering services. But that package has two gaping holes in it: the inability to proactively let you know of unusual and potentially suspicious activity before it’s reported to you from an outside source and to inform your preventative services of new threats to enhance their effectiveness.

Think about it…would you buy a house and insure it in the event of a fire, but not guard it against a catastrophic event by installing the proper smoke detectors? When a fire starts, you want to be able to extinguish it as soon as possible, before your home becomes a total loss. When you combine your email archive (the insurance) with email analytics (the smoke detectors), you’re adding a layer of protection that, while seemingly critical, has been overlooked until now. Couple that with a preventative firewall — literally or figuratively — and you now have a comprehensive security package.

Email Archiving Analytics works by taking unstructured data and making sense of it, providing you with actionable insights that lead to enhanced security, risk mitigation, data loss prevention and compliance.

Here are just a few of the insights that can help an IT Admin in their quest for email security:

  • Learn when PII and other sensitive information is being sent or received via email
  • Validate that confidential data is not being leaked externally, particularly to competitors
  • Be warned when individuals display unusual email activity behavior
  • Enforce policies regarding personal and professional email usage
  • Confirm employees are using required systems (ie. support ticketing systems) and not bypassing them via direct emailing
  • Receive notifications when emails with confidential information, profanity, or compliance terminology (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.) leave the organization

By using the email archiving upgrade to Thexyz email, adds an industry-leading suite of analytical, monitoring and security technologies, our email platform now provides users with the ability to derive more meaningful and actionable insights from your business communications.

Get more details:

Email Archiving Analytics press release.