One of the keys to Microsoft’s success in recent years has been the steadily rising adoption of its Office 365 subscription service – Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, the focus has been on choosing to improve Microsoft products and remake Office apps into a subscription company where customers rent rather than buy the software. Today, one out of every five corporate employees uses a version of Office cloud service and the Microsoft 365 service is the most widely used cloud service by user count and market share on Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Office 365 monthly active users

According to Microsoft 365 usage analytics, growth in Office 365 monthly active users continues to grow quickly and Office 365 is now Microsofts fastest-growing consumer product. Ever!

  Office 365 Monthly Active Users
November 2015 60,000,000
April 2016 70,000,000
October 2016 85,000,000
April 2017 100,000,000
October 2017 120,000,000
April 2018 135,000,000
October 2018 155,000,000
April 2019 180,000,000
October 2019 200,000,000
April 2020 258,000,000

It is now the preferred offering by Microsoft, not only for business but for Office 365 personal users looking to install office apps (Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint). Its plan also includes a generous amount of cloud storage through OneDrive. The Office mobile apps allow for editing of Office documents on a mobile device. Download any mobile Office app for free.


Percentage of Fortune 500 companies that have purchased Office 365 in past 12 months

Current number of Office 365 user in 2020


Growth of Office 365 users in 2020

Where are Office 365 customers located?


United States


United KIngdom

Size of companies that use Office 365

Of all the companies that are using Microsoft Office 365, the majority (61%) are small businesses (<50 employees), 15% are large (>1000 employees) and 24% are medium-sized.
  • Small businesses (less than 50 employees) 61% 61%
  • Medium businesses (51 to 999 employees) 24% 24%
  • Large businesses (more than 1000 employees) 15% 15%

On-prem vs Cloud based Exchange

In 2019, On-Premises Microsoft Exchange Server deployments represent 52% of worldwide exchange team mailboxes, whereas Hosted Exchange mailboxes represent 48% of worldwide Exchange online mailboxes. This means that most organizations are still hosting their company email addresses on-premise. 


On-premises Exchange


Cloud Hosted Exchange

How many people use Microsoft Teams?

More and more companies have been working online with many people working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, connecting in real time through video conferencing apps. Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Teams now has 75 million daily active users in the latest usage report. The company has seen an increase of 70% in its daily active users since March 2020 where it had around 44 million daily users. Teams has only been available for a few years to replace the Skype for Business application and can be easily added to an existing Office 365 license or Microsoft account. This has lead to Teams becoming one of the fastest growing Microsoft 365 apps.

Daily active Teams users as of April 2020

Searches for Microsoft Teams increased by 379 percent between January and March 2020 

Source: SimilarWeb

Microsoft Teams Monthly Active Users
November 2017 2,000,000
August 2018 5,000,000
November 2018 8,000,000
August 2019 13,000,000
November 2019 20,000,000
March 2020 44,000,000
April 2020 75,000,000
Teams is Microsoft’s fastest-growing business app ever.

Source: ZDnet

Microsoft Teams user activity skyrocketed during the lockdown, reaching 44 million active users by March 2020 and by April had amounted 75 million users, surpassing Zoom from February to June.

Whether those new users stayed is unknown, as Microsoft hasn’t provided Teams revenue statistics. Since April, Teams has been silent on user statistics, indicating that April may have been the peak month for usage data.

Microsoft has also been sheepish about how many of those new users – the majority of which may have been on the Office 365 home free version or using a free trial –  have turned into paying subscribers of the Microsoft 365 service.

Teams saw a 2.1 billion monthly user level rise in the number of meetings per day in March

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams Meetings Per Day
March 12, 2020 560,000,000
March 16, 2020 900,000,000
March 31, 2020 2,700,000,000


Increase in searches for Microsoft Teams between January and March 2020 (SimilarWeb)

In April, MS Teams had 200 million meeting participants in a day

Number of businesses that use Teams


Microsoft Teams growth since the COVID-19 lockdown began


Percent of Fortune 500 companies that use Teams

How many people use Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft states that SharePoint has 190 million users across 200,000 customer organizations. It is commonly deployed for intranets, content management, and general SharePoint sites. 

SharePoint users worldwide

On-premises SharePoint environments remain strong, more organizations are starting to move to Office 365 to bundle SharePoint Online with Office 2019.

  • Hybrid 34% 34%
  • On-Premise 35% 35%
  • Office 365 30% 30%
  • Hosted 1% 1%

Dowwload Infographic


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