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Managed SharePoint Hosting with Thexyz


Built for business collaboration

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure

Thexyz Managed SharePoint unlocks the potential for truly productive collaboration. Share documents and data, manage multiple projects – all on one secure online platform. Teams can work together more effectively, wherever they are, with remote access from any device.

Sharepoint Factsheet

Sharepoint Factsheet (PDF)

Simplify File Management

Makes it easy for your team to share databases, reports, presentations, spreadsheets important documents.

Increase Productivity

You can provide intranet and extranet to connect your teams and automate business processes.

Centralised Platform

You can have seamless access to your files from a variety of platforms and mobile devices without compromising on security.


You can add and remove storage capacity in line with your user’s needs and data growth.

Let us manage your SharePoint hosting

SharePoint & Thexyz

Let us worry about the basic SharePoint administrative tasks for maintaining a reliable SharePoint environment. We’ll look after networks, servers, virtualization, O/S, SharePoint configurations, patches, maintenance and backups.

SharePoint Features
  • E-discovery, ACM, Compliance
  • External Sharing
  • App Catalog & Marketplace
  • SOC2 Type II-certified datacenter
  • Records Management
  • Backup Plans
  • Excel Services, PowerPivot, PowerView
SharePoint Facts

Used by Fortune 500 Companies


Powers Intranets built in last 5 years


Projected annual growth rate


99.999% uptime



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