How to install end-to-end encryption (PGP) for the Thexyz Webmail with Mailvelope

In the Thexyz Webmail interface, you can use Open PGP end-to-end encryption with the browser add-on Mailvelope.

In this help article, we show you how to install end-to-end encryption in Thexyz Webmail. If you've been using Thexyz for email, you can send encrypted emails with the help of Mailvelope using the same email address.

What is Mailvelope and how does it work?

Mailvelope is an extension for your browser (in Firefox it is called an "Add-On", in Chrome/Brave an "Extension") and it expands the functionality of your web browser. Mailvelope offers email encryption with PGP for the Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Chrome browsers.

Mailvelope is an open-source project and has undergone an independent security audit by Cure53, you can read the full audit here

Installing the browser add-on

Once you have installed the add-on to your browser of choice, you may need to authorize Thexyz Webmail. Click on the app icon, usually found at the top right of your screen, and select + Authorize this domain. You may find Thexyz is already listed, if not you can add


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