How can I enable my Email Account as Catch-All?

A catch-all address will receive all mail sent to invalid mailboxes at your domain. These messages are not filtered for spam. We do not recommend the use of this feature. To add a catch-all address, follow the steps below.

Please note that Thexyz email no longer supports catch-all. You can use catch-all with our SOGo, Roundcube, or Google mail options. 

How to enable catch-all with Roundcube

To create a catchall mailbox, go to the Email > Mailboxes section of your Control Panel.

There you’ll see a list of all the email accounts that you currently have.

You can either create a special catchall email account or use any of your existing ones.

In the list, right of the email address, there is a column called "Catch-all", with an icon (✋) depicting a small hand. To activate the catch-all feature for an email account, click on that icon. If you want to disable the catchall option, click on the green icon (✋).

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