Best practice for Thexyz email storage maintenance

This article describes how to monitor user storage in the Thexyz Email Admin Control Panel as well as best practices for mailbox storage.

Check mailbox storage in the Cloud Office Control Panel

  1. Log in to the Email Admin Control Panel using your email admin ID and password.
  2. In the Hosted Email section, click Mailboxes.
  3. If you have multiple domains, select the domain for which you want to check storage.
  4. The fourth column in the mailbox list labeled Usage shows the amount of free space each user has.

    The Usage column is not a real-time reading of the mailbox storage. Usage updates once every 24 hours. Always reference the storage in for real-time storage.

Warning: Never allow a mailbox to reach max capacity as any message sent to that mailbox while it is at max capacity will be rejected. Rejected messages will not deliver after more mailbox space is created. Messages sent after space is created will deliver normally.

Enable storage notifications

  1. Log in to the Email Admin Control Panel using your email admin ID and password.
  2. In the Hosted Email section, click Mailboxes.
  3. If you have multiple domains, select the domain for which you want to enable storage notifications.
  4. Click Settings from the sub-ribbon under Email Accounts

    Setting storage notification for Webmail users

  5. Select Storage Notification from the options.
  6. Check the box next to Activate the full mailbox notification and adjust settings as desired.

    • Send a notification to the user when the mailbox reaches a certain percentage of capacity.
    • Send CC to an email address of your choosing so that you easily know when users are about to exceed capacity.
    • Customize the notification message to give your user instructions.
  7. Click Save.

Check mailbox storage in Webmail

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your username in the upper-right-hand corner. The dropdown menu displays the current mailbox storage.

    Password resets

Note: Consider the storage shown in to be the authority for your storage available on the server.

Recommendations for users nearing their storage capacity

Notify users near capacity and counsel them on archiving items to free up mailbox storage. Thexyz Email Archiving ensures that email traffic to and from your domain is archived. For more information, see our Email Archiving page.

Deleting emails frees up mailbox storage, however, if a user deletes an excessive number of emails, it takes longer to process the deletion. Allow ample time for that deletion to be reflected in the mailbox storage capacity.

Email in the Trash folder does count toward mailbox storage capacity. Follow these steps to ensure a deleted message is not counting toward your mailbox storage:

  1. Move an unwanted message to Trash.
  2. Delete the message from the Trash folder.

The message no longer counts toward the mailbox storage. If you need to recover a message that you deleted from trash, see Recover deleted email in Webmail.

Warning: Messages purged from the Trash folder can be recovered for up to 14 days after deletion. After 14 days, the message cannot be recovered.

Mailbox storage best practices

  • Enable Email Archiving for all domains.
  • Thexyz Email storage is maxed at 25GB. Consider switching to Roundcube or SOGo with custom email storage settings. 
  • Avoid storing over 10,000 items in one folder.
  • You should not exceed more than 3 levels of subfolders.

    Example folder structure:

    • Best practice folder(level 1)

      • Best practice folder(level 2)

        • Best practice folder(level 3)

          • Not best practice folder
  • Consider removing items from your Spam or Trash folders or applying automatic folder cleanup rules.
  • If you archive or delete messages on your local mail client, log in to to ensure that those changes are reflected in Webmail.
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