Webmail keyboard shortcuts

When you login to Webmail, your premium webmail account includes various keyboard shortcuts. These are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete email tasks.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Webmail to speed up actions that you do on a regular basis. To enable Keyboard Shortcuts, simply check the box in the Webmail settings menu.

Display keyboard shortcuts ?
Close top dialog Esc
Focus cursor on search box /
Compose new email c
Reply r
Reply to all recipients a
Forward email f
Open 'Quick Reply' q
Move selected message(s) m
Delete selected message(s) d / Delete
Check for new mail Shift + K
Open message in a new window Shift + O
View message o / Enter
Toggle flag of selected messages Shift + F
Mark selected message(s) as unread u
Toggle checkbox x / Space
Select email between checked message(s) & cursor Shift + X
Select all messages Shift + A
Deselect all messages Shift + N
Open the next message j / Down
Open the previous message k / Up
Move cursor to next email n
Move cursor to previous email p
Go to last email on the page Shift + G
Go to first email on the page gg
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