Webmail keyboard shortcuts

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Webmail to speed up actions that you do on a regular basis. To enable Keyboard Shortcuts, simply check the box in the Webmail settings menu.
Display keyboard shortcuts ?
Close top dialog Esc
Focus cursor on search box /
Compose new email c
Reply r
Reply to all recipients a
Forward email f
Open 'Quick Reply' q
Move selected message(s) m
Delete selected message(s) d / Delete
Check for new mail Shift + K
Open message in a new window Shift + O
View message o / Enter
Toggle flag of selected messages Shift + F
Mark selected message(s) as unread u
Toggle checkbox x / Space
Select email between checked message(s) & cursor Shift + X
Select all messages Shift + A
Deselect all messages Shift + N
Open the next message j / Down
Open the previous message k / Up
Move cursor to next email n
Move cursor to previous email p
Go to last email on the page Shift + G
Go to first email on the page gg
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