Setup Microsoft Exchange on Outlook for Android

Android: Outlook for Android (ActiveSync)

    1. Download the Outlook for Android app from the Play Store here
    2. Once it downloads, open it, and tap the blue Get Started button.

    1. Enter your full email address.

    1. Tap Continue
    2. Enter your mailbox password and a description of the account.
      Then enable the Advanced Settings slider on the bottom of the screen.

    1. Enter the following settings on the screen, as shown below:

      Email: Replace with your email address
      Domain/Username: Replace with your email address
      Password: Your mailbox password

      Once you're done, click the checkbox on the top right corner

    1. Tap Skip to skip adding another account.

    1. You may go through the app tutorial by clicking on the arrow on the bottom right, or tap Skip to skip it.

    1. Once you see the mailbox screen, you are all set! It may take a few minutes to download mail depeding on a variety of factors

Don't forget about your other devices! View more guides in the Knowledgebase.

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