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The Difference Between POP & IMAP

This chart sums up the main differences between POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) email configurations

  • Email is deleted from the server as they are retrieved
  • No remote web synchronization
  • Local copies of messages are vulnerable to data loss
  • Very little server storage required
  • Has to download full message (slower)
  • First introduced 1984
  • Rest assured knowing a copy of email is saved to server
  • Inbox and sub-folders sync with webmail/mobile
  • Email is backed up securely on the server
  • Archive is limited by server storage
  • Downloads only headers, rest as requested (faster)
  • First introduced 1986

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Thexyz Webmail allows you to access your own private or business email server by POP and IMAP, giving you secure access to email anywhere in the world, from any device. Thexyz supports TLS/SSL connections and authentication for data security. Thexyz Webmail can also help you access your email account if your ISP blocks popular webmail sites or ports.


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