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Managed Services and Support Policies

At Thexyz, we pride ourselves on our experienced and knowledgeable customer support team. We aim to help customers as much as possible with their email issues. There are a few things to know before you contact our support team that will help you get the most out of your experience and keep things running smoothly. For instant answers, search our documentation or browse the various categories below. If you can’t find what you need, contact our support team and we’ll help get your issue resolved as soon as we can.

Free Support Additional Fee Required
Diagnosing Bounced Messages
Webmail Related Issues
Troubleshooting DNS Issues
Internal Email Migrations for Upgrades
Email Delivery Issues
Spam and Abuse
Configuring DKIM and SPF
Creating a DMARC Policy
SMTP issues with forms
Data Migrations
Outlook/Mac Mail Troubleshooting
Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
Coding or Web Development

Thexyz Customer Support Policies

We only provide support via email through our support ticket system. While we do offer a customer service phone number and chat system, these are not dedicated towards providing support. We will never offer to fix your problems by remotely accessing your computer. This is a known common scam (even Microsoft experiences these tech scams). The attacker will charge you for software you don't need to fix a problem you don't actually have (best case), or install malicious programs on your computer (worst case). We will never ask you for your password, this is a sign of a phishing email. We will never ask you for your complete credit card information. In limited circumstances we may ask for the last four digits only of the card number. Anyone asking for your complete credit card number is likely a fraudster.

We will always treat our customers with respect, and provide honest and straightforward answers to support questions. After some unfortunate incidents, we must be clear that we will not respond to, or engage with, people or customers that threaten, abuse, or defame our staff in any way.

Over time, we've found that most third-party email clients are buggy or have poor user interface issues in one way or another. This includes popular software like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. We cannot help with every bug or scenario you may encounter using these clients. We provide the protocols to access your email/calendar/contacts and we offer step-by-step setup instructions on how to set up popular clients. However, if you use one of them, you're expected to set up and manage it, hire an IT company or purchased additional support services from us. In these cases, we usually advise a user to remove the account from the client and re-add it. This fixes all sorts of problems because the client often has corrupted local information.

We recommend using our web interface, which we are always able to help with.

Operating systems that have been discontinued generally do not receive security or application updates and are thus stuck with buggy software that is often a security risk and/or lacks modern features. Again, we make the best effort possible to support all operating systems, but we can't guarantee that all features will work, and we can't help with any issues on discontinued operating systems. We will always support the latest versions of popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows and macOS.

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