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Let’s face it, as a large service provider — ISP, telco or web hosting company – providing email service is a catch 22. You need to offer email service because your customers expect it, but it’s hard to manage and even harder to make money at. Of course, you have the option to stop offering email, but that’s a sure way to drive customers to your competitors. Assuming you don’t want to lose hard-won subscribers, you need to find a way to deliver email more problem-free and, if possible, profitably. Fortunately, there is a solution: outsourcing email hosting to a world-class provider like Thexyz.


From a marketing standpoint, bundling email with your core services just makes sense. It’s complementary to the solutions you offer – whether that’s internet connectivity, communications or web and e-commerce sites. And, it offers you several potential advantages:

  • EXPANDED PORTFOLIO: Diversifying with hosted email is a sure way to attract new customers and increase revenue from existing ones.
  • STICKIER CUSTOMERS: The more services subscribers buy, the less likely they are to leave, making hosted email a way to keep them longer
  • COMPETITIVE EDGE: Adding email can differentiate your solutions from competitors, or at least match their offer.
  • MARKETING ADVANTAGE: Adding hosted email gives you unfettered access to customer email addresses for marketing your core services.
  • VALUE ADD: Offer hosted email as an added value at no charge or included in a core service bundle to incentivize sales.
  • RECURRING REVENUE OPPORTUNITY: Adding hosted email offers the opportunity for another monthly recurring revenue stream.


From an operational standpoint, however, offering email requires your organization to invest in IT infrastructure, people and processes required to manage high-volume email. Sounds easy enough. After all, your organization provides technology as a service every day. Before you jump in, keep in mind that hosting email in-house also means facing several modern-day challenges.

  • OUTAGES & DOWNTIME: Your email platform must be up-to-date and operational 24/7/365. Outages must be quickly resolved to minimize downtime.
  • COMPROMISED ACCOUNTS: Your problems can grow exponentially when user email accounts become compromised and used to send spam or viruses to their address book
  • SECURITY: Keeping up with the onslaught of evolving viruses, malware and ransomware often sent via email requires increasing levels of expertise and constant vigilance.
  • CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS: Your help desk can be overrun by customer complaints resulting from spam, downtime, security breaches, etc. that are common risks with email services.
  • SPAM: It’s your job to protect customers from unwanted or unsolicited emails. Set it and forget it is not an option; fighting spam is a never-ending battle.
  • SCALING: Subscriber growth eventually requires additional investments in infrastructure and experienced technical and customer care personnel.

Failure to meet any of these challenges by skimping on hardware or personnel, can result in poor service levels that can leave your company with a black eye – undercutting the potential marketing benefits of bundling email with your core services.

Adding insult to injury, inexperience or inefficiency in any of these challenge areas can turn email into a cost center for your organization. Spam and virus issues alone can cost your support team countless hours of troubleshooting and negatively affect your overall profitability.

Combined, these risks can lead you to one conclusion about hosted email: It’s more trouble than it’s worth. But, there is another option: outsourcing to a world-class hosted email service provider.


Whether you’re currently hosting email in-house, with a wholesaler or considering offering email for the first time, partnering with Thexyz can remove the headaches of email hosting and create real value for you and your customers.

  • IMPROVE RELIABILITY: 100% Uptime Guarantee Sleep easy with a team of experts managing your email platform round the clock with optimal uptime in mind.
  • EASILY SCALE: Room to grow As your subscribers grow, you can add mailboxes with no added capital expenditures or headcount.
  • REDUCE COSTS: Save money Trade your investments in infrastructure and human resources for a predictable monthly charge.
  • DELIVER OUT OF THE BOX: Easy setup Everything has been pre-configured, so you can be up and running within minutes, not days or even months.
  • BOOST SECURITY: Secure email services Dedicated security teams and multi-layered protections keep your subscribers safe 24/7/365.
  • SIMPLIFY MIGRATION: Managed migrations Rely on Thexyz email experts to speed up your customers’ email migration and mitigate potential problems.
  • MAINTAIN BRANDING: Custom branding White-label your email offering, including the control panel, webmail interface, support tools and marketing materials.
  • MANAGE SPAM: Triple layer spam protection Spam blocking and filtering are in full force to keep your customer inboxes free of unsolicited email.
  • CONTROL VIA ADMIN API: Rest API Using REST API, an email user and account administration can be integrated into an existing workflow in seconds, not days.


Successful partnerships are about people and trust. Thexyz is trusted by more than 100 partners, who maintain full ownership of the customer relationship while being backed by a team of experts. Thexyz is a proven leader in the industry with recognitions from reputable sources as a leader in Managed Email Hosting. These accolades are backed by a practical experience, including more than 5,000 customers with over 30,000 mailboxes.

  • 100% UPTIME GUARANTEE: Feel confident knowing that your email and files are always available.
  • NO COMMITMENTS OR PENALTIES: Thexyz requires no long-term commitments and does not enforce performance-based penalties.
  • LONGEVITY: Since 2007 Thexyz has been listening to its customers as they explore how technology can better serve their business. The company has racked up more than 12 years of experience in email hosting.
  • FLEXIBLE PARTNER PROGRAMS: Resell or refer – it’s up to you. Choose the approach that works best for your organization or use both options to further maximize your recurring revenue with our recurring payments for affiliates.
  • WHITE-LABELED EVERYTHING: You can leverage the Thexyz brand, or use custom white-label options on practically every aspect of our email offering, including support tools and marketing materials.
  • SCALE: Thexyz has enterprise-class infrastructure – including servers, power and security – that will enable your business to scale up (or down) as needed.