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GDPR Compliant

Thexyz follows the principles data minimization and privacy by design. It is also possible to make a GDPR request regardless of region. We are responsible for the protection of your personal data, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Please also view our Privacy Policy.

GDPR Export Request

Users can make an GDPR Export Request for client data in an accessible electronic format.

Privacy For All

We honour GDPR requests regardless of your geographic location or citzienship. We believe all people should have equal rights regardless of polictics.


All data is secured via industry standard encryption (Defense Department AES and SSL).

Custom Email Security

Email Encryption

Highest level of TLS encryption with DNSSEC, SPF, DMARC, and DKIM.

Internet Security Support

Our staff are trained to provide information on threats and anti-abuse measures.

Best Security Practices

Thexyz follows best security practices and keeps a A+ rating on Security Headers.

Blacklists and Firewalls

We maintain several subscriptions to premium blacklists, firewalls and also offer protect our domains with our own Blacklist. These are fully customizable.

No Ads or Tracking

Thexyz is 100% ad-free and there are no invasive or third-party scripts. We maintain our own internal system to ensure maximum security.

Restrict Access

All accounts can have custom permissions, access can be restriced to certian IPs and also certian services. Allowing for a strong security policy.

Enhanced Email Privacy Features

Companies love email for marketing campaigns. This is because by default, email does not respect your privacy. When marketing emails are sent out, the email usually loads external content such as images. When the image is loading, the tracking is enabled by your IP address, the browser you are using, and more information is being transmitted to the sender. Thexyz offers you an email service that automatically protects from these tracking methods:

Blocked Images

Thexyz blocks images by default. No external content is loaded when you open an email unless you actively allow this by changing the default in Webmail settings.

IP Protection

When an email is sent through Thexyz Webmail is strips all the IP address from the header of emails sent to protect your privacy.

Email Spoof Detection

Thexyz warns you when the technical sender differs from the from sender. To fake the from sender is a typical method used in phishing attacks. On our blog you can find more tips on how to prevent email phishing.

Security Headers

Thexyz maintains an A+ rating on Security Headers.

Monitor Audit Logs & Close Sessions Remotely

We maintain 2 weeks of audit logs to allow you to check active and closed sessions. This allows you to verify that no one but yourself has logged into your account. Closed sessions are automatically terminated after a set period of time.

  • Check logins and restrict access
  • Allow IPs admin access
  • Allow permission based sub-user access
  • Remotely wipe a lost of stolen device

Two Factor Authentication

YubiKey Authentication

Adding a secondary authtication method to a password increases security for your servers, apps, logins and private areas. Individuals and businesses are using YubiKey to add an additional layer of security to their applications.


Wildcard SSL Certificates

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