Privacy & Security

We help you with the tools you need to take control of your data

Block nearly 100% of viruses, malware and spam before they ever reach your inbox

Enhanced Email Privacy Features

Spy-Pixel blocking for incoming email
Email Spoof Detection
IP Protection
Unlimited Email Aliases

A+ Security Rating

Thexyz maintains an A+ rating on Security Headers

Better Email Privacy

Companies love email for marketing campaigns. This is because by default, email does not respect your privacy. When marketing emails are sent out, the email usually loads external content such as images. When the image is loading, the tracking is enabled by your IP address, the browser you are using, and more information is being transmitted to the sender.

How it works

Once your domain is (automatically) deployed to the Incoming Filter, and filtering is activated, email will pass through the SpamExperts filtering cloud. Incoming emails are securely analyzed and scanned in real time. No training or configurations are required and everything works out of the box. Any message detected as spam is moved to the quarantine, while non-spam is sent to your email server. The quarantine can be monitored in the user-friendly SpamPanel, through email-reports, or even directly in your email client! No more wasted time in dealing with spam, simply focus your energy on business tasks, while you remain in full control.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR requests for data available in accessible format
GDPR requests regardless of your geographic location

GDPR Export Request

Users can make an GDPR Export Request for client data in an accessible electronic format.

Why you need it?

We honour GDPR requests regardless of your geographic location or citzienship. We believe all people should have equal rights regardless of polictics.


All data is secured via industry standard encryption (Defense Department AES and SSL).

Monitor Audit Logs & Close Sessions Remotely

Check logins and restrict access
Allow IPs admin access
Allow permission based sub-user access
Remotely wipe a lost of stolen device

Audit Logs

We maintain 2 weeks of audit logs to allow you to check active and closed sessions. This allows you to verify that no one but yourself has logged into your account. Closed sessions are automatically terminated after a set period of time.

Two Factor Authentication

Adding a secondary authtication method to a password increases security for your servers, apps, logins and private areas. Individuals and businesses are using YubiKey to add an additional layer of security to their applications.

Wildcard SSL Certificates