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At Thexyz we make project management as transparent as possible within the client portal that gives customers project status, communication and access to shared files. Records are kept detailing every change and adjustment to a project, who did it, and the date/time. With per minute billing, you're only billed for the time used, without it being rounded up.

Email Migrations

Easily move email data from one email provider to another.

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DMARC policy

Let is create a domain-level policy for message validation, disposition, and reporting to improve mail handling.

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We'll troubleshoot your software errors to help find a solution.

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DNS Management

DNS can knock your email or website offline for days if not properly executed. Whether your using Thexyz or a third-party, we can ensure these changes are implemented without issue.

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External Email Support

Utlize the experience of our technical support team to provide support for external mail service from Google or Microsoft. Pay only for the time used, and set monthly maximums.

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Domain Name Change

There is a lot to consider in changing your default name. We have specialized experience in these tasks to ensure a seamless transition.

From $500

SMTP Transactional Email

We'll configure your domain to use a transactional email service to ensure your following modern standards and best practices with email on your domain.

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Open-Source Development

We're committed to providing the best experience for open-source solutions. Create a project so we can help you customize an existing open-source solution to meet your needs.

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Password Policy

Your employees are your largest security threat. By enforcing a password policy to maintain best practices you can significantly improve the security of your organization.

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Email Consulting

If you're looking to improve your email deliverbility, security, or would like to discuss modern standards and best practices, as experts in the email field, we can provide you with valuable insight to ensure your email is trusted and secure.

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Remote Assistance

We'll connect to your PC to assist with problems related to third-party software.

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Malware Removal

If your website has been attacked and compromised get immediate emergency assistance to quickly recover your sitea and clean any malware and also monitor in case of any re-infections.


Email Archive Ingestions

Existing email data can be imported into the email archiving portal. Our migration experts will gather the necessary information and provide you with a quote for the import based on how much data there is to import.

From $12

cPanel SEO Optimization

We'll configure industry-leading SEO software to help generate ideas and content for better organic search results.

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DNS Failover

Make downtime a thing of the past with failover monitoring that will resolve your website to a secondary IP address if a network issue occurs on your main IP.


DNSSEC Configuration

DNSSEC is an extension of the DNS protocol that provides cryptographic assurance of the authenticity and integrity of responses; it's intended as a defense against network attackers who are able to manipulate DNS to redirect their victims to servers of their choice.

From $66

SMIME Configuration

We'll provide setup and configuration support for sending secure email with SMIME signing.

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MTA-STS Reporting

SMTP Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) is a mechanism enabling mail service providers to declare their ability to receive Transport Layer Security (TLS) secure SMTP connections, and to specify whether sending SMTP servers should refuse to deliver to MX hosts that do not offer TLS with a trusted server certificate.

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