Making use of auto aliases with Thexyz Webmail

What are auto aliases? 

Auto aliases are additional email addresses that each user will automatically have access to when using one of the following domains for email. 

Main email domain xyz.am alias grouplist.io alias
@thexyz.ca @ca.xyz.am @ca.grouplist.io
@thexyz.com @com.xyz.am @com.grouplist.io
@thexyz.net @net.xyz.am @net.grouplist.io
@thexyz.org @org.xyz.am @org.grouplist.io
@thexyz.in @in.xyz.am @in.grouplist.io
@thexyz.mobi @mobi.xyz.am @mobi.grouplist.io
@thexyz.cn @cn.xyz.am @cn.grouplist.io
@thexyz.es @es.xyz.am @es.grouplist.io
@thexyz.eu @eu.xyz.am @eu.grouplist.io
@thexyz.info @info.xyz.am @info.grouplist.io
@thexyz.uk @uk.xyz.am @uk.grouplist.io
@xyz.am @am.xyz.am @am.grouplist.io
@z9mail.com @z9.xyz.am @z9.grouplist.io
@9mail.org @9m.xyz.am @9m.grouplist.io
@sync.xyz @sync.xyz.am @sync.grouplist.io
@mybox.xyz @box.xyz.am @box.grouplist.io
@emailsrvr.org @srvr.xyz.am @srvr.grouplist.io
@grouplist.io @io.xyz.am @io.grouplist.io

How to start using auto aliases

Let's take a look at an example to see how auto aliases work and better yet, how you can start making use of them right away. 

Let's say someone has an email account with Thexyz and the address is kit_55@thexyz.com

When they log in to Webmail they always use kit_55@thexyz.com and that is the email address. Aliases are a great way to protect the real email address from being exposed. While it is fine to give out your email address to people you wish to receive email from. There may be times when you wish to receive an email, without exposes your real email address. 

This is where aliases come in and are a great idea for protecting your privacy online. A great feature with Thexyz Webmail is that aliases are free unlimited. Anyone who uses Thexyz Webmail can easily set up a custom email alias. If custom aliases haven't yet been set up, users with one of our domains can make use of aliases as follows.

Auto alias example

Main email address: kit_55@thexyz.com

Available auto aliases: 

  • kit_55@com.xyz.am
  • kit_55@com.grouplist.io

This would allow anything sent to kit_55@com.xyz.am or kit_55@com.grouplist.io to arrive at kit_55@thexyz.com

Auto aliases with existing aliases

Now let's take a look at existing aliases, perhaps kit_55@thexyz.com has some custom email aliases added. 

kit_55@thexyz.ca and kit_55@thexyz.mobi are both aliases that forward to kit_55@thexyz.com (the main email address).

As auto aliases work with aliases too, this means that kit_55@thexyz.com will also receive email from the following auto aliases:

  • kit_55@ca.xyz.am
  • kit_55@mobi.xyz.am
  • kit_55@ca.grouplist.io
  • kit_55@mobi.grouplist.io



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