Preparing your email migration

Now you have made the choice to have Thexyz host your email, there are a few things to take note of as we prepare to seamlessly migrate your existing email data. 
You will be given a time for the DNS change. This is when mail stops being routed through existing mail servers and starts being routed through Thexyz. 
Where to access email after DNS change
You may notice that after the DNS mail stops being delivered to your existing devices.  You can access your email via the web on our Webmail app:
On mobile:

We also have a mobile app for iOS and Android.
How to reset or change the email password
You can change your email password by logging into Webmail. You may also be prompted to add a mobile phone number, this is important to add as it allows for easy passwords resets and is a great way to further secure your account. If you are not prompted to add a mobile phone number, there is a guide for setting up password resets with SMS
How to setup on mobile devices and email clients
We have a various guides designed to make it easy for you to setup email on various devices. You may need to remove your existing email account and add it again using the settings found in our Knowledgebase
Some questions you may have

What if I do not know my password or have not setup a SMS password reset?
If you are unsure of the password, you will need to contact your email administrator.

What are the email configuration settings?

We recommend using our Knowledgebase however you can also find the manual email server settings.
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