How to setup Thexyz email on Outlook 2016 with IMAP for MAC

This article will assist you with setting up Outlook 2016 on a MAC, using IMAP, for your Thexyz Mailbox.

    1. Launch Outlook, if it's not already open.
    2. From the upper menu, select "Outlook" -> "Preferences".

    1. In the next prompt, select "Accounts".

    1. Within the Accounts dialog, select "Other Email".

    1. The pop up dialog will require the following:
      1. "Email Address": Your email address
      2. "Password": Enter your mailbox password.
      3. "User name": Your email address
      4. "Type": IMAP
      5. "Incoming Server":
      6. "Override default port": Checked
      7. "Use SSL to connect (recommended)": Checked
      8. "Incoming Server Port": 993
      9. "Outgoing Server":
      10. "Override default port": Checked
      11. "Use SSL to connect (recommended)": Checked
      12. "Outgoing Server Port": 465

    1. Select "Add Account".
    2. Within the Accounts dialog. Select "More Options..." under the "Outgoing server" section.

    1. Within the dialog, ensure the following:
      1. "Authentication": Use Incoming Server Info
      2. "Unqualified Domain": Leave Blank

  1. Click "OK".
  2. Close the Accounts window.
  3. Click "Send/Receive". Your email should begin syncing with the server.
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