Setup IMAP Email with Mac Mail

OSX: Apple Mail (IMAP)

This article will assist you with setting up Apple Mail, using IMAP, for your Hosted Mailbox.

    1. Launch System Preferences. You can easily get to System Preferences by pressing "Command (⌘) + Space Bar". Then type "System Preferences" in the Spotlight search. Press enter to launch the System Preferences application.
    2. Within System Preferences, click "Internet Accounts". Then, on the right, scroll down and select "Add Other Account...".

    1. In the next prompt, select "Mail account".

    1. The pop up dialog will require the following:
      1. "Name": Enter your first and last name.
      2. "Email Address": Your full email address
      3. "Password": Enter your mailbox password.

    1. Select "Sign In".
    2. You will see an alert which says "Unable to verify account name or password.". Along with this alert, you will see more fields that require info.
    3. Ensure the following has been added:
      1. "User Name": Your full email address
      2. "Account Type": IMAP
      3. "Incoming Mail Server":
      4. "Outgoing Mail Server":
      5. "Password": Your mailbox password

    1. Click "Sign In".
    2. This will create a pop up that lets you select what you wish to sync.

  1. Click "Done".
  2. Close the "System Preferences".
  3. Finally, launch Mail. Your email should begin downloading shortly.

We highly recommend configuring Apple Mail to sync your various IMAP folders. Below are the steps to do so.

    1. Open the Mailboxes side pane, if it's not already displayed. Click the "Mailboxes" button, as seen below:

    1. Under your newly added Mailbox, select the "Sent" folder.
    2. With the folder highlighted, go to the upper menu and select "Mailbox" -> "Use This Mailbox As" -> "Sent Mailbox". See below:

  1. Repeat this step for each folder that you see within your mailbox (Sent, Spam, Trash, Drafts, etc).
  2. Once complete. These folders will now be synced with the server, and items within the folder will be accessible by any other devices connected to your mailbox.
  3. Now you're done! Enjoy your email.
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