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Looking for an effective, Office 365 alternative? OX App Suite might be your answer.

It is an uncomplicated business email, communication, and collaboration platform made with speed and efficiency in mind. From a single interface, you can run your digital life wherever, whenever, and however, you need, making your life as productive and as simple as possible. OX App Suite is a viable and cost-effective SaaS platform, for multi-sized companies who want to migrate data to the cloud. Offered by Open-Xchange, it gives you the edge to take your productivity to a whole new level.

Productivity Apps

Create, edit and share Microsoft Office docs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint with App Suite's powerful online Apps.

Cloud Drive

Add 25GB of Cloud Drive storage.

Email Features

All email features are here including Forwarders, Auto-Responders, Filters, Signatures, Notifications and more!

Calendar & Contacts

Communicate like an enterprise with shared calendaring, scheduling wizard, iCal support and Global Address List!.

OX App Suite
  • 10GB Mailboxe Size
  • CardDAV & CalDAV
  • Integrated Portal Page
  • Full-Featured Webmail
  • Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
  • Mobile & Desktop Access (IMAP)
OX App Suite + Productivity
  • 25GB Mailboxe Size
  • Online Office Suite
  • Create / Edit Word Docs
  • Create / Edit Spreadsheets
  • Create / Edit PowerPoint

Why choose OX App Suite?

OX App Suite is fully automated and instantly available. As a cloud-based productivity tool, it saves you time and money. You get a reliable custom domain and a mailbox that is easy to use with your OX App Suite account. With a constant uptime of 99.9% SLA and a universal sign-in, fully synced data can be accessed with one login on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

The extensive dashboard has social media integration and is completely end-user customized. OX Contacts delivers a superior contact detail management system that effortlessly yields all the necessary information and interactions thanks to its CalDAV- and CardDAV- support interface. Offering secure 25GB cloud storage per domain through OX Drive and superior anti-virus/anti-spam protection, your data is afforded the protection it needs to let you do what you do best. OX Documents applications work for any document irrespective of its format. OX App Suite is not just a private email application for important emails, it also packs powerful collaboration software that gets things done. It is a global nomad’s toolkit to do everything on the move and is scalable when needed.

OX App Suite

Secure Email S/MIME

OX App Suite from Thexyz is the easy-to-use collaboration tool you need for your business that ups your productivity by bringing everything together and gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.

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Questions about OX App Suite web-based email

Get quick answers to common questions about the encrypting email messages and digitally signing mail with digital certificates.

All OX App Suite plans include access to Webmail, Calendar, Tasks and Address Book. The Productivity package adds OX Drive and OX Documents (Text, Spreadsheets and Presentations).

Yes, OX App Suite supports connecting all external IMAP email accounts including popular providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Simply add your email address and password into App Suite and any email sent to those accounts will appear in your App Suite Interface.

Yes, OX App Suite fully supports CalDAV and CardDAV. And for Android users, syncing is easy via our dedicated Android Sync App.

App Suite works seamlessly with most native desktop and mobile email clients. There is also a companion app for OX Cloud Drive available on iOS and Android.

Yes! OX App Suite uses proprietary technology as well as partnerships with well-established vendors in the Anti-Spam industry to keep your inbox as clean and safe as possible.

OX Drive is an online storage solution to store your documents, photos and media in the cloud. This means, you only need access to OX App Suite and OX Drive and you will have access to all your files, too. OX Drive lets you synchronize your files with all your devices using the browser or native apps.

OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Presentation are the 3 applications within the broader term OX Documents. These applications can be used to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. Create and edit your documents from anywhere using the familiar features and functions from your Office software solution and on all your devices.

OX App Suite supports the following languages: English, German, Dansk, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Latvian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slavic, Finnish, Swedish, 中文 简体 , 中文 繁體, 日本語 日本. It can also be white labeled and rebrandable with your company domain and logo.

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