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Cloud Drive for WebmailOffice Apps, 30GB Storage, Desktop Sync, Mac or PC

Secure sync of your desktop and mobile device files

Thexyz Cloud creates a unique workplace to enables its users to collaborate on files with altering workflow. Computer files are protected offsite and web services enables secure collaboration, sharing, and access from any Internet-capable mobile device or remote computer, from anywhere in the world, across any network, and without the need for servers or expensive software. Through this capability, Thexyz Cloud subscribers can for instance perform real-time searches of their computers, download files to their remote device, view images, and securely control the sharing of files with the rest of the team.

Cloud Drive is now available when you upgrade your domain to MobileSync with Cloud Drive, every user on your domain can store, access, sync and share their files from anywhere on practically any device.

  • 30 GB of storage space
  • Drag and drop to upload files via the web
  • Desktop app for quick and easy file syncing
  • Protect against crashes or computer theft
  • Share files and folders with other team members
  • Secure file sharing with colleagues
  • Virus scanning of all files transmitted
  • Knowledge encryption of files at rest
  • ISAE 3402 and the SSAE 16 compliant datacenter

Edit, Store, and Share Office Docs - Online!

Upgrading your Premuim Webmail service to Cloud Drive, equips your team with the tools they need, so they are empowered to work smarter from anywhere. The cloud sync app will allow secure access to files anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Microsoft Excel

Edit, create and collaborate on spreadsheets.

Microsoft Word

Edit, create and collaborate on Word documents with your team.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Coming soon!

Thexyz Webmail MobileSync + Drive
Monthly Price Per User
  • Includes MobileSync
  • 30GB Cloud Drive
  • Work online with Office Apps
  • No long-term contracts
Thexyz Webmail MobileSync + Drive + Archiving
Monthly Price Per User
  • Includes MobileSync
  • 30GB Cloud Drive
  • Work online with Office Apps
  • Includes unlimited Email Archiving storage

Stay in sync with ActiveSync

Cloud Drive includes hosted business-class MobileSync email with secure online file storage and sharing at an affordable price. Upgrade your domain today! Thexyz is built on a secure and extensible, open standards-based application platform and works across Android and iOS devices.

Document Editing



Download Sync Apps

Your files will be a always accessible, no matter where you are, with our web and desktop (Windows and Mac) apps. Download the mobile and desktop apps to sync files with your devices.

Android App Download for Windows

Cloud Drive FAQ

As Cloud Drive with MobileSync for Webmail is a domain wide upgrade. It is not possible to upgrade only select users. All users on the domain must be upgraded.

Yes. In order to use MobileSync you will need use Webmail with your own domain name. We offer various domain extensions for registration here.

As MobileSync is now inorporated into the Cloud Drive add-on for Webmail, it is not possible to use MobileSync without your own domain name. You can however upgrade to Microsoft Exchange and continue to use ActiveSync.

All communications between customers’ mobile apps or remote computers and Thexyz, in both directions, are fully encrypted. Similarly, all communications between our cloud storage service on any computer are fully encrypted. Data security is accomplished through 256-bit SSL connections to subscribers’ computers and mobile phones. No data is ever exposed “in the clear”. Cloud Drive communicates with online storage using a proprietary method that eliminates the possibility of hijacking the client and send information to another destination.

The Cloud Drive app can be downloaded and installed on your Mac or PC. The directions for setting up can be found here for Mac here for PC.


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