Difference between Hosted Exchange vs Office 365

A comparison showing the difference between Microsoft 365 and Hosted Exchange email platforms.

Exchange or Office 365

There are now two solid cloud based email solutions from Microsoft for small business and large organizations. Do you choose Office 365 or Hosted Exchange for your business email, productivity and collaboration suite? While Office 365 offers a complete email solution with updates to Microsoft Office Suite included with most plans. Either email system will allow full syncronization of email and calendars on email clients. Exchange still offers slightly better email reliability and greater customization to allow for a configuration that suits your organization’s needs. Although every Microsoft Office 365 plan includes cloud email that is actually running on Microsoft Exchange server. The means either system actually uses the same email servers. A big difference here, is one is hosted by a hosting provider and the other is hosted by Microsoft. Both Office 365 and Hosted Exchange are a cloud solution that evades the need of having servers on premises.

Hosted Exchange Office 365
Reliability SLA of 100% (Guaranteed by Thexyz) SLA of 99.9% (Guaranteed by Microsoft)
Productivity Suite Add the Office Apps SKU to Thexyz Hosted Exchange plans. Plans available with email and latest version of Office Applications (Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel etc).
Migration Existing customer: no migration needed Migration required: client must schedule migration time.
DLP, E2E, Archiving Available to add on all plans. Available on Enterprise plan only.
Storage Capacity Mailbox storage limit of 100GB (Message size limit of 50MB) Mailbox storage limit of 50GB per user (Message size limit of 150MB)
Flexibility Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, compliance and archiving Exchange, SharePoint online, Office Apps, Lync
Hybrid Use on the same domain with Private Email/MobileSync accounts. You cannot use with other email accounts.
Hosted Exchange
  • Outlook license included
  • Archiving
  • Mailbox storage limit of 100GB
  • Message size limit of 50MB
  • DLP (Data Loss Protection) and E2E Encryption
  • Compliant Archiving
  • Includes Outlook client
Office 365
  • SLA of 99.9% (Guaranteed by Microsoft)
  • Includes business applications
  • Mailbox storage limit of 50GB
  • Message size limit of 150MB
  • DLP (Data Loss Protection) and E2E Encryption only with Enterprise plan
  • Archiving available
  • Outlook client not included

Enjoy true data portability with your email service

An advantage to email hosting with our cloud services is the ease in which you can migrate from one platform to another. Our easy to use automatic email migrations make the process seamless and it is just a matter of changing the subscription based billing once you have completed the migration to the cloud. We can also migrate any existing on premise exchange to Exchange online, as well as upgrade from previous Exchange versions including active directory. An Exchange solution can also be implemented as a hybrid option which allows for IMAP email and Exchange accounts all on the same domain name. This is not an option with Office 365 business email with a migration to Office 365. Choose Exchange to have Thexyz email and Exchange mailboxes, set up on the same domain name within the same email server platform!

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