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A complete Business Email hosting solution

Whether you are looking for an email solution to power your business, or just a secure and private personal email account. Our hosted email service is your complete email application solution with 25GB of email storage per mailbox and a powerful office suite.

Compose in HTML or Rich Text

Compose in HTML or Rich Text

Format your email any way you want, right out of the box. Rich, HTML formatting is now turned on by default, so no more fussing around to switch from plain text to HTML format. Send and receive emails with HTML or rich text formatting.


Create multiple personal or shared contact lists. Add photos, multiple phone numbers and email addresses, mailing addresses, and notes to entries. Import your existing contact lists from other programs. Make Thexyz your default storage for contacts and allow our ActiveSync service to synchronize these contacts on any mobile device and email client you add your email to. Never lose your phone contacts again and have all contact information stored in one place.

Email filtering in Webmail

Incoming Filtering

Distinguish permanent and temporary delivery errors and define automated actions on receipt of bounce messages according to matches with your regular expressions.

Email Forwarding

You can forward any incoming messages received via the mail server to a third-party or external email account, such as a Gmail account or Zoho mail account by enabling Email Forwarding. Be sure to enable "save a copy" to save a copy of these messages in Webmail.

Email Forwarding in Webmail
Auto Responders in Webmail

Auto Responders

Set an automatic reply message to be sent when you are out of the office. You can also set this feature to be enabled during certain times.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to execute commands in Webmail with a certain keyboard key.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Webmail<
Spam Protection in Webmail

Spam free email address

Over 90% of all email traffic is spam, it can cost millions of dollars in business productivity. Spam email is also used to phish sensitive and valuable information, often to trick people into transferring money. Knowing how to defend against spam and phishing attempts is the first step to keeping your information safe, a strong anti spam system also helps. Gain peace of mind with all messages received from an external email service undergo four spam and virus filtering scans.

Email Signatures

An email siginature is essential when creating a business email. Set your own HTML customized email signature or add an image and have that as your signature.

Email Signatures in Webmail
Webmail Notes


A really simple notes app that syncs with your mobile device. Record important information in an easy-to-use interface tied directly to your inbox. Notes are stamped with time, date, and title for easy retrieval.


Simple Tasks applications are included with Webmail on both desktop and mobile versions. Enjoy a standalone task manager, right in your inbox. Create multiple task lists featuring individual action items with completion dates. Use the notes area to keep track of task details. Your tasks even change color to remind you of due dates.

Tasks in Webmail
Available in 11 Languages

Available in 11 Languages

You can use Webmail in your language.

Cloud Drive

You also have the option to upgrade your domain to include a 30GB Cloud Drive and MobileSync. This will help keep your team synchronized with two way syncing of email, contacts, calendar and files. Cloud Drive also includes a web based editor for real time team collaboration and file sharing. This adds an additional 30GB of cloud storage per user and is available to users with thier own domain, so you will need to register a domain or contact us if you need help to choose a domain and find the perfect domain. Works just like the Google Cloud!

Thexyz Cloud Drive
Recurring events

Set Recurring Events

Set events in your calendar to recur everyday, every week, month or year.

Import and Add New Calenders

You can import your existing calendars from Microsoft Outlook and add multiple new personal or shared calendars.

Import email calendars
Share email calendar

Share Your Calendar

Utilize the Webmail calendar app to share your calendar via a private or public link. You can also allow certain team members within your domain access to add or edit appointments in your calendar. This is helpful for companies that manage bookings. With our MobileSync service, you can sync these calendars with mobile devices and desktop.

SMS, Email or Mobile Reminders

Choose how you wish to be reminded of calendar events.

Email Reminders
Email Group List

Send Email To A Group List

A Group List enables someone to communicate with groups of people using a single email address. Group lists are commonly used by departments in an organization, project teams, or if there is a need to reach all employees at a company. If you need to send messages to a group, you can setup a list in the control panel and configure various options of the list.

Email Aliases

Minimize the amount of mailboxes you need by using aliases. Generic email handles such as info@, sales@, webmaster@ etc can be delivered to existing users. You can also send these to up to 4 external email addresses from third party email hosting services. Setup as many as you like with unlimited email aliases inlcuded when you host email with your own domain.

Email Aliases
Catch-All Address

Catch-All Address

When an email is sent to a mailbox that does not exist on your domain, deliver the email to this address.

Enable DKIM

By activating DKIM, you will keep spam on your domain to minimum and limit phishing attempts. We have guides for setting up DKIM, and adding our MX records to your domain.

Enable DKIM
Legal disclaimer in Webmail

Email Disclaimer

Add an optional disclaimer to bottom of every email sent from your email server domain. As this is an admin feature, Webmail users cannot manage this feature without using a custom domain name.

Anywhere Access

Check your email on Webmail or through on our mobile app with valid usernames and passwords you will have Webmail access anywhere you go. You can also setup the account on a mobile device or email client like Outlook. Your important email data will be available through our secure online storage.

Always available mobile app and Webmail app for web based email access. All our email plans include at least 25GB of email hosting storage space and 24/7 customer support. The admin portal is where business owners and email administrations manage the email features and collaboration tools.

Mobile email access
Email Migrations

Email Migrations

We offer a fast migration tools to transfer your mailbox data to a secure email service in real time. We make moving your data to Thexyz easy with a streamlined migration service that requires no technical expertise.

Create Account
Spam Protection
4 Layers of Spam Filtering

Keep your business email accounts secure will multi layer firewalls and spam protection services. Each inbound email passes 4 scans.

Multi Language Webmail
Webmail in your language

The webmail app is available in 11 local languages. Read reviews of our highly recommended email hosting plans based on user experiences.

Protected Mailboxes

Over 30,000 small businesses and individuals choose our ad free premium email to deliver the highest standards of security, privacy and reliability for email storage, apps, contacts and calendars.

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