We spoke to a user of Thexyz Cloud who creates music in his spare time. Over the past year he has built a small fan base through Youtube & Facebook videos however up until recently his followers have not been able to download his music. To increase his fan base he now wants to let his fans download his music mp3 files for free.

He researched into the best ways to share files for free online and found there were three solutions, however they all seemed to have a few drawbacks.

1. He could collect the fans’ email addresses and send them the songs. However he doesn’t have the coding knowledge to create a site or send emails automatically so this process would be manual and take a considerable amount of time. He was also worried that some people may not want to give out their email address.

2. He could use a file sharing site however he knows that they normally contain lots of ads and pop ups which could confuse his fans.

3. He could also use a torrent site however this would mean that all users would need to have a piece of software to download the mp3.

Before he found Thexyz, he was unsure how to share his files securely, fortunately Thexyz makes it easy for users to share files either publicly or to select users.

Sharing files via Thexyz

To share a file through Thexyz he just had to upload his file to his Briefcase drive and then right click on the file and select the ‘Share’ option. He selected to publicly share the file and was given a direct link to the file. He then placed the link on his Youtube video description, on his Facebook fan page, and on several other social sites he was using to connect with his followers.
Sharing his file through Thexyz did not take a lot of effort and did not require any programming knowledge, the link did not have ads, and didn’t require his fans to download a piece of software. Musicians are not the only people who can use Thexyz to share files. Ebook authors, film producers, photographers, and programmers can all trade large files through Thexyz Cloud software. If you are using Thexyz to share files with your audience let us know in the comments below this post.