Backing up email is an integral aspect to email management.

In many cases today constant email backup is required by law for government institutions, for that reason it is important to know your email is being backed up a retained.

Incoming and outgoing email is equally important

It is not just all received email that should be backed up, but all sent email too. For this to happen effectively mail needs to be constantly synchronised from multiple servers. This way if a crash or disaster takes place in one data center location, the data is immediately accessible via a separate location.

Unlimited data storage and no quotas

Email cannot be sent back to sender because the mailbox is full. The same needs to occur with backup too. With cloud server architecture a backup drive can never reach storage capacity. This will insure full data backup regardless of any storage restrictions.

Full Email compliance

In some cases it is not just educational institutes, government offices and educational organizations that are required by law to have FISMA compliant email but this is increasingly become more common in the private sector too. As email plays an increasingly important part for a business to operate, so too does the need to safely and securely backup the data.

Easy to search and find indexed email

With email archiving all email is not only stored but also easy to search and find. With improved search functions, users can quickly find any previous email also from shared email accounts too.

Thexyz Premium Email service offers a complete managed FISMA compliant email solution to provide secure email service for the private sector as well as government compliant email service, educational institution email service and healthcare provider healthcare email service.

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