Setup Microsoft Exchange on Outlook 2016

This article will assist you with setting up Outlook 2016 with your Microsoft Exchange mailbox.

    1. Click on the Start Menu (or press the Windows key) and then search for Control Panel

Windows 10:

  Windows 7 (or earlier):


    1. Once in the Control Panel, Double-click on Mail


    1. When the Mail Control Panel opens, select Show Profiles


    1. Select Add to add a new profile. Enter any name you wish and select OK


    1. Select E-Mail Account. Enter the following details: Your Name: Your name E-mail Address: Password: Your mailbox password

    1. Click Next. Please wait. This searching process may take up to 5 minutes.
    2. If the Windows Security dialog appears, enter your password:

    1. Once configuration is complete, you should see the following screen. Click Finish

  1. Finally, launch Outlook. Your email should begin downloading shortly.
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