SiteLock User Guide

This article explains the various functionalities available with SiteLock.  If you are looking to access your SiteLock service with us, please review  Accessing your SiteLock order.

On logging in to your SiteLock Panel, you will see the following sections:

Visitor Data

Here, you can filter the visitor data based on specific duration as well as specific website.

Security Summary

This section displays the various types of scans available and their status for your website. You can also initiate scans from here.

Messages and Alerts

This section displays messages / alerts generated by the scans on your website.

You can jump to this section by clicking the icon as shown below.

SiteLock Badge or TrustSeal

You can display the SiteLock TrustSeal on your website through the below link which appears in the lower section of your SiteLock Dashboard.

Business Verification

You can complete the Business Verification for your website, to display these details in your TrustSeal.


For quick management, you can toggle between the websites configured under your SiteLock Panel as shown below.

FTP Settings

In order to use the Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool (SMART), you can input / edit your FTP settings as shown below. (This scan is not available in the lowest Plan.)

These details can also be submitted through the Configure SMART link in the Security Summary section.

Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool

TrueShield Firewall / TrueSpeed CDN

In order to block bad traffic and increase your website speed, it is recommended that you configure TrueShield Firewall / TrueSpeed CDN for your website. This can be done through the TrueShield details link in the Security Summary section on your Dashboard.

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