How to enable a G Suite email migration

Complete these steps to grant our email migration tool access to the appropriate scopes if your existing email is hosted with Googles G Suite.

  1. Go to and authenticate as a domain administrator.

  2. Click the Security.

    Note: If you do not see the security icon on your home page of the admin console, you do not have the necessary rights on your account to make these changes. Request administrator access from the customer to implement these changes.
  3. Click Show more, and then click Advanced settings.

  4. Click Manage API client access.

  5. Enter 113321175602709078332 into the Client Name field.

  6. Enter one of the following scopes into the One or More API Scopes field, depending on whether G Suite is the Source or Destination.

    • G Suite as the Source (read-only scopes):,,,,,,,,,
    • G Suite as the Destination (full scopes):,,,,,,,,,
  7. Click Authorize.
  • Note: The client name is 113321175602709078332. Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces, as this may cause the error "URL ends with an invalid top-level domain name." This will grant the email migration server access to the appropriate scopes.

Enable API access in G Suite

  1. Go back to Security.

  2. Click API Reference.

  3. Make sure that Enable API Access is selected.

Once you have added the API scopes to your G Suites tenant, and enabled API access, you can proceed with the email migration.

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