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Let us manage your Migration to Thexyz

We offer a fast and secure way to transfer your mailbox data to a new email service in real time. Using a simple web browser, you will be guided through the migration process with no technical expertise required.

Easy email migrations

You're minutes away from unleashing the power of cloud-based mailbox migration which will convert email from any provider to Thexyz. As a complete email migration solution, we will migrate the entire fidelity of your calendar, contacts, emails, tasks, journals, and notes from one system to another (as supported by each system). With no hardware to deploy or software to install, this solution is designed to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, IT administrators, consultants, system integrators, and service providers. You can start, configure, and initiate migrations in a matter of minutes with no prior experience move your email data to a new email service provider.

Zero Downtime

No interruptions to your email service during migration.

No Data Limits

Moving a lot of data? No problem there are no limits on data.

Fully Managed

Our migration specialists will assist with any issues.

Transparent Pricing

Our per-mailbox pricing structure gives you the ability to easily predict the total cost of your migration project. Discounts are available on large volume purchases.

Migrate mail to Thexyz
One-Time Price
  • Migrate from anywhere
  • Migrate to Thexyz
  • No data limits
  • Unlimited concurrent mailbox migrations
  • Fully managed
Migrate mail away from Thexyz
One-Time Price
  • Migrate from anywhere
  • Migrate to anywhere
  • No data limits
  • Unlimited concurrent mailbox migrations
  • Fully managed

What items will automatically Migrate?

Our automated email migration service migrate more than just mail depending on the source email system. This chart shows what items will be brought over to each destination service.

Source To Microsoft Exchange To Thexyz Webmail To Office 365 To G-Suite
Office 365
Hosted Exchange
Groupwise 7+
Lotus Notes
POP (inbox only)
Legend: = Email = Calendar = Contacts = Notes = Journals = Tasks

The Professional Way To Migrate Mail

Our mailbox migrations are delivered to you right from our highly available, secure data center. There is no hardware to deploy and no software to install. Configure and submit your migrations in minutes with no prior experience.

Migration Experience

By ordering an email migration, we perform the migration and take care of the technical side of connecting to your email server and moving your email to our system, all you need to know is your current email address and current email password.

Included with every Migration
  • Migrate all email and sub-folders
  • Migrate all calendars, contacts and tasks. *Exchange only
  • Migrate from Google Apps, Office 365, Gmail, IMAP, SMTP etc.
  • Fully managed by migration professionals
  • No installation or backup files needed on your end
Where do user Migrate from?









Email Migration FAQ

Whether on-prem or in the cloud, migrate almost any Exchange server, POP, IMAP, Amazon Work Mail, Google Mail, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Zimbra, and more.

Yes we offer a managed migration from our friends at BitTitan. You will need to supply us with your password to both your old account and your new one with Thexyz since we don’t keep this on file.

While you can migrate from a POP email account, it will not migrate folders other than the inbox. It will not migrate contacts, calendars and any sub-mail folders as this is not possible using POP. The POP protocol only permits access to the inbox. This is because the POP protocol was designed at a time (1984) when there was no concept of multiple folders other than the inbox. Therefor it is recommend that you use an IMAP server instead.

Depending on which email platform you choose to migrate to, the items that are migrated may differ. The following table shows which items are automatically migrated by the tool.

No. We make sure there is no downtime during data migration. Migrations are scheduled during weekdays between the hours of 9am to 7pm EST. There is also a guide for a successful migration plan, what to expect and how to inform your users that the email hosting provider is changing.

Yes. You can migrate all of your email data from G Suite of Gmail to any mail server here at Thexyz. There is a slightly different process for migrating data from Gmail/G Suite so please sign in to your account in order to allow our remote migration tool to access your Google account.

Yes. Each month we regularly migrate orgizations with hundreds of users, simultaneously and without interruption to their email services. There is a CSV file available on the migration wizard that will speed up the process of migration hundreds of email accounts over to our email hosting environment.

We do not give any esitmates as to the migration time needed for any particular user account. This is becuase there are many variables that would influence the email conversion time needed.


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