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Session cookies

These expire when you close your browser. They do not remain on your computer.

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This is the most common cookie that most PHP-based websites will use. This stores the unique session ID for each visitor and enables variables to pass between page loads. The cookie only contains a reference to a session on the web server. The user's browser won't store any personal information. This is a session-only cookie, so it expires as soon as you close the browser.


Thexyz sets this cookie when an affiliate refers a customer to you. It stores the ID of the affiliate that made the referral so that if the customer places an order within the next 90 days following the referral, the affiliate receives credit for it. It is a persistent cookie.


A security cookie used as part of login and account recovery for keeping your account secure.


Thexyz uses this cookie for the remember me functionality of the client area. The system only sets it if a client chose to have the system remember their details, ensuring that they don't need to log in multiple times. It is persistent and lasts for 365 days, or until logout.

The majority of browsers will allow you to alter the settings used for cookies and to disable and enable them as you require. You can reject all cookies (except strictly necessary cookies) in case you prefer not to receive them, and you can have your computer warn you whenever cookies are being used. You can delete the cookies that are already on your computer and you can set your browser to prevent them from being placed. Disabling cookies may, however, prevent some web services (including on the Website) from working correctly. Please be aware that when you have set your computer to reject cookies, it can limit the functionality of the Website and it is possible then that you will not have access to some of the features on the Website. To disable cookies, or to receive a warning whenever cookies are being used, you have to adjust your browser settings. You can adjust your browser settings to delete certain cookies. Visit the "help" section of your browser for how to manage your cookie settings, or follow the links below:

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