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Stand out with an email address on your custom domain name.

No need to register your own custom domain to use our email product. You can use both Webmail and Exchange with our domains. These domains are established on our network of trusted IPs that we keep off spam lists. For the past 15+ years we have established strong relationships with email services providers and ISPs to ensure trust of our domains.

Domain Aliases

Manage all your email domains in one place and redirect and filter domain-specific mail.

Instant Messaging (Chat)

Chat in realtime with other members of your domain with Chat for Webmail.

Security Features

256-bit Encryption in transit and at rest.

Email and Domain Aliases

Create an unlimited number of aliases or email forwards. Message groups with group lists.

Mobile Synchronization

Syncs contacts, calendar and files with our MobileSync.

Security Features

Further protect your organization with domain DNS hosting and powerful domain security features.

Questions about custom domain email hosting?

We are here to help you get set up with custom domain email. Here are some common questions we get asked about setting up a custom domain email service with us.

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Questions about email encrypted and digitally signed emails

Get quick answers to common questions about the encrypting email and digitally signing mail.

No. The domain name does not need to be registered with us. You will just need to make a DNS change with your web host or domain name registrar to point to our mail servers.

You can refer to setup your own domain to use Thexyz Email for the needed DNS records to start using Thexyz email with your own domain name.

Yes, you can give access to muliple admins and also manage permissions of each admin account. Please refer to our Email Administrators Guide.

Yes, providing you mark the private key as exportable, it can be installed on multiple devices.

The certificate pickup password you set during the order process is required for downloading the certificate. If you do not remember this password, you must cancel and reorder the certificate.

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