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Included with our private email offering, when using a custom domain name, is a secure chat app. A simple and secure method of realtime encrypted communication.

1.) Add users from your domain

Managed ownCloud Hosting
Adds chat to the Webmail interface

2.) Set your status

SharePoint Hosting
See who is online or hide your online status

3.) Instant and secure Webmail chat

Managed Nextcloud Hosting
Chat instantly with other people within your domain just by being logged in to Webmail

Email Hosting with Chat

Webmail Chat is included on all custom domain email hosting accounts

Order Custom Domain Email + Chat

Webmail Chat FAQ

Get quick answers to common questions about the encrypted chat feature in Thexyz Email.

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, and Safari are all supported for messaging feature. We have no plans to support earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

We don’t store chat logs of private messages on our system, but users are able to see any messages sent or received during their current Webmail session.

Currently it is not possible to chat with a group or team.

Currently it is not possible to create group chats with Skype for Business users or send and receive voice messages within a private chat.

Currently it is not possible to use SMS text messages for secure communication.

The chat feature in Webmail will support text conversations only. Video and photos are currently not supported.

Currently it is not possible to use third-party IM clients or or social networking sites like Facebook Messenger with our secure messaging app.

Yes. Unlike other instant messaging apps and messaging services, Webmail Chat uses the port 5291 for private communication. This fully encrypted port must be open on your network for encryption protocols to function properly without encryption key. No phone number or SMS and MMS app is required to use the secure chat feature. It is accessed via your email address.

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