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All the bells and whistles of a business-class calendar application. Create and manage multiple personal and shared calendars, set reminders and recurrences, and color-code entries for at-a-glance viewing.

Easy Sharing & Control

Thexyz: Secure email calendar
Colour-coded viewing for multiple calendars
Import calendars in .csv format
Allow specific people to edit your calendar

Supports Any Device

Mobile calendar application
Supports iPhone®, iPad®, Android®
Sync your email calendar with mobile and Webmail
Send meeting invites and create recurring events

Get Notifications

Managed Nextcloud Hosting
Get alerts and reminders via email, pop-up, or SMS text
Sync your native mobile calendar with webmail
ICal feed to share calendars outside of your domain

Get organized

The calendar app is included on all email hosting accounts and allows you to manage your appointments and meetings through our Webmail interface. You can share your calendar, create personal calendars, import events from Google calendar, and add shared calendars within your domain.

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Webmail Calendar FAQ

Get quick answers to common questions about the Webmail Calendar feature in Thexyz Email.

Having trouble viewing a shared calendar? Please note the sharing sharing settings and check out this article

When you are sharing your calendar with other users, you may want to make all existing events either private or public. When an event is private, other users will see that the time is reserved, but all event information will be hidden.

1.To make all existing events either private or public, click the arrow on the Calendar tab, and then select Calendar Manager.

2.In the Personal Calendars box, click the Privacy link for your personal calendar.

3.Indicate whether you want to make all events public or private. Private events will still appear as busy/reserved time on your calendar, but all event information will be hidden. Public events can be opened and viewed by all shared users.

4.Click the Save button.

Note: To make a single event either public or private, double-click the event and then check or clear the Private Event checkbox.

You can use webmail to invite guests to an event, manage guest responses, and send notifications of any changes. This feature is compatible with all iCal compliant calendar applications.

1.In the calendar, double-click the event you want to edit.

2.In the Invite section, click the Add button.

3.Enter an email address in the box and click the Add button. Or, click the Contacts link to select from contacts in your contact list.

4.When you are done adding contacts to the guest list, click the Save button.

5.Click the Save button again.

6.You will be prompted to indicate whether you want to send invitations to the guests on your guest list (or to new guests only, if you added new guests to the list). When you send invitations, guests are able to automatically send you a response--indicating that they have either accepted, tentatively accepted, or declined your invitation.

To view your guest list, and the status of each guest's response, double-click the event, and then click the Guest List link.

To add recurrence to a calendar event, log in to Webmail:

  1. In the calendar, double-click the event you want to edit.
  2. Click the Set Recurrence link.
  3. Click the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly tab to create a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence.
  4. In the resulting tab, indicate how often the event should occur.
  5. In the Range section, indicate when the recurrence should end.
  6. When you are done, click the Set Recurrence button.
  7. Click the Save button.

If your email Calendar is not syncing from your mobile device(s) to Webmail, please see this article.

The sharing of email calendars is available to users on a custom domain name. If you are using our email hosting service with one of our email domains, then you will not be able to share an email calendar to other users and services like an Outlook Calendar. To enable calendar sharing, please see the article about Sharing a Personal Calendar

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