Mailbox rename

The latest feature to be added to our Private Email was requested via our product feedback forums and is now available for all users.
Mailbox rename will allow email administrators to rename a mailbox and retain all data. In the past the only way to achieve this was through an email migration
To rename a ma‎ilbox you can login to the email administrators control panel or submit a ticket with your request. 

Use case examples:

  • An employee has recently married and there is a name change
  • An employee is being replaced by a new person
  • General username change

Other Notes:

  • The user must update their username in their email clients and mobile devices to maintain access to the account.
  • Rename does not support SharePoint, any associated SharePoint user will not be renamed.
  • Chat buddy lists are not automatically updated during a rename. Users will need to re-add buddies.
  • Shared
    calendars will not automatically update. Users viewing the
    calendar of a mailbox that is renamed will need to re-add the new
    calendar share.