A look at some of the best apps for email users on iOS

Thexyz does not endorse any of these apps, they are listed as a guide to help you get the most out your email.

Mail+ for Outlook

Read and compose Outlook emails and manage your calendar directly from any iOS device. No more using the web browser to access your email account.

Out of Office for Outlook Exchange

Out of Office for Outlook Exchange allows you to manage your Out of Office settings in Microsoft Exchange.

Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition

Inbox Pro is a great way access your company Outlook mail and calendar information from your iOS device. View, compose, and send emails with an interface designed to be the perfect fit for iOS 7 on both iPhone and iPad.


fwdMail is an email client that downloads your email to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It provides fast full-text searches of your email by downloading your email from multiple Gmail, IMAP, and Thexyz accounts.

Thexyz Webmail

Last but not least, Thexyz Webmail adds instant push email to your iPhone/iPad. No more waiting around pushing refresh for email to arrive. It also syncs your calendar and contacts with your account at Thexyz via Mobile Sync. There are tasks and notes apps included, all you need is an active subscription account with Thexyz.